2014 Ranking Tables

RankingsWith the Spring Action Meeting results (almost) cemented the next round of the Gallery Rifle Ranking tables will soon be published The SAW 2014 results will be added to the rolling record.

The rankings are calculated on a rolling basis so the 2014 SAW results push 2013 SAW results off the stack and the new order calculated. At the end of the season we’ll end up with a full single non overlapping season of results and rankings across the three events and 4 gun types – 12 tables in all.

For 2014 we offer thanks to some people who have kindly offered some sponsorship for the ranking tables. I’m sure everybody will next time you see them on the ranges. Rude Fat dog, Wentworth Sporting Supplies and Neil Jones Shooting have all kindly offered some prizes for anyone topping the ranking tables this year.

NJS Shooting
phoenix2013 rude dog
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Rude Fat Dog will be offering some prizes for the 1500. Wentworth for the T&P1 and Neil Jones for the Multi-Target. Their websites are above. If you have a few minutes please browse to them and see what they all have to offer (as if you didn’t already know). Visit again anyway!

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