100/200/300 Sporting Rifle Statics

Shortly after we went to press with the Phoenix Handbook it was noticed an event we had inaugurated last season has been mistakenly absorbed into some other event numbers courses of fire.

The 100/200/300 yards Sporting Rifle Statics competition –  5685 – is incorrectly listed in the printed edition of the 2015 Phoenix Booklet alongside competition numbers 5702, 5703 and 5704 which are the Gallery Rifle long range events.

Its obviously too late to change the hard copy but the on-line versions have been updated to rectify this error.

Appropriate inserts will be arranged for the printed booklets. The correct course of fire for competition number 5685 can be found below:

100/200/300 yds – 5685 – Sporting Rifle Statics

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