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The Welsh Gallery Rifle Championships


**Still Places Left – Still Time to Enter**

Don’t forget all – the next Classified Open meeting in the calendar is the Welsh Open.

The Welsh Open: Held at Pembrokeshire’s finest shooting ground, – at Haverfordwest.

After a modest but very enjoyable inaugural event in 2012 the Welsh Gallery Rifle Club, Haverfordwest Target Shooting Club and the Welsh RA invite all competitive Gallery Rifle shooters back to this beautiful corner of South West Wales to cement this event into the calendar.

According to our man in the know and all knowing Match Director, Dave Meaby, slots are filling up quite quickly at the moment, if you wish to shoot at a particular time please advise soonest or he advises he will have to slot you in as best as he can.

Entry forms available to download now


24th and 25th August 2013

*-* On-line entry now available *-*

The online entry form for this meeting has been delayed.  As we are running behind schedule this year, the downloadable form is available now.  I anticipate the online facility will be available early next week so please check the NRA website regularly.  (Please don’t swamp Shooting Division with enquiries about when it will be ready.)

As we are running late, the late entry penalty will not apply for this meeting.

In case you don’t know already, Sally Philcox has left the NRA so the biscuit/chocolate surcharge will be suspended.  I will certainly miss the 100% support Sally has given me and the meetings over the years.  A very hard act to follow.

Please still use the usual email,, (not the one sending the email) for enquiries as it will be monitored by Shooting Division.
Many British championships are fought over this weekend and this is your chance to either repeat the successes of previous years or to come to the front for the first time.

On Melville on the Saturday afternoon, the national teams from England, Scotland and Wales will fight it out shoulder to shoulder in a short events aggregate in the Gallery Rifle Home Countries National Match.  Please do come along and support your team – Scotland seem on top form this year and will be hard to beat.  The first shot down range will be at 16:30.

Finally, a request for volunteers to make the whole thing possible.  If you have done it before, you know what to expect, but if you have not, food and accommodation are provided as well as an opportunity to shoot your events on the Thursday and Friday preceding.  You do not have to be an NRA RCO or event experienced – it’s a great way to get involved and you will learn a lot about what it’s like to be just behind the firing point instead of on it.

If you are able to help out, please  fill in the online form which only takes a couple of minutes.

I want to volunteer for the National Championships

I hope to see lots of you there in the sun in a few weeks.

Good shooting!

Chris Farr

Meeting Director

Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

We have received the very sad news that one of our shooting friends, colleagues and long established Range Officers died yesterday (16th July) in a road accident near Marsberg in Germany. Olivia was 61 years old.

Regular attendees of the Phoenix meeting and the German Open meeting in Leitmar will probably have met, or at least encountered, Olivia. For a few years she acted as a Range Officer at both meetings and will be greatly missed by all.

RIP Olivia-Henriette Braunisch


Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

IGRF International Range Crew, Bisley, UK, May 2012

Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

Phoenix Range Officer party, Bisley, May 2012

Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

IGRF International Match – Bisley, UK, May 2012

Olivia-Henriette Braunisch

The German Gallery Rifle squad at the Phoenix Range Officer party, Bisley, May 2012

The 2013 NASRPC IGRF International Match


The 2013 NASRPC IGRF International Match was held for the second year at Harbour House Sports Club near Kildare in Ireland.

Teams from Germany and Great Britain travelled to compete in a three way competition with the home nation for both centrefire and smallbore honours in the 1500 match.

Full sets of results for both matches are now available and can be found over on the 2013 results page.

The Imperial Pistol and Gallery Rifle Meeting

Imperial PGR


Results for all the unlimited entry matches, team matches and  trophy matches are now available



The Aberdeen Wapinshaw

Aberdeen WapinshawThe format of the Aberdeen Wapinshaw weekend is an extensive series of gallery rifle (GR), long barrel pistol/revolver, small bore rifle, muzzle loading rifle/pistol, black powder cartridge rifle and full bore rifle competitions.

Results are now available

The Derby 2013 Open

Derby-2013Another excellent weekend of competitive shooting marking the 2013 Derby Open as a firmly cemented waypoint into the calendar of the competitive oriented Gallery Rifle shooter.

What more can be offered – outstanding range facilities, an excellent clubhouse, (truly second to none!) plenty of events and plenty of people to compete against – on or off the range.

The event count, prize table,  excellent administration and RO-ing which the Derby crew put inordinate amounts of effort into is well appreciated. The beer festival keeps getting bigger, better and more varied and the weather never fails to astound.

There were more tents on the 200m range than Glastonbury. Making a weekend of Derby in high Summer is highly recommended.

Results and Photos

…….in the usual places……

The Imperial Pistol and Gallery Rifle meeting for 2013

** Enter now | Download the Entry Form | Enter on-line **

b2-140Entry forms for the Pistol and Gallery Rifle events can be found elsewhere and on the on the NRA website. Entries for the Trophy Matches on Saturday and Sunday and the Grand Aggregates can also be made on-line.

The meeting will run from Wednesday 10th July to Sunday 14th July. Unlimited entry events will be running throughout the meeting with squadded trophy matches running Saturday and Sunday only.

For those not familiar with the meeting it is renowned for offering an excellent mix of Gallery Rifle shooting disciplines offering challenges not found anywhere else for the iron sight aficionado. Trophy matches are iron sights only. Unlimiteds are any sights (scopes allowed) but the Grand Aggregate, one nominated card in each event, is also restricted to iron sights. Choose when to shoot your nominated card with care!

The Unlimiteds offer very reasonable entry fees (less than £4.00 a card) and allow the competitor to try out popular Gallery Rifle competitions of Police, Service, Advancing Target, America, Scott, Granet and Silhouettes as many times as they like for the chance of a medal in each event.  The competitors’ two best scores (per event) are automatically calculated for medal scores and there is no limit to how many scorecards that can be submitted.

Squadded trophy matches in Scott, Granet, Service, Police and Imperial Silhouettes are offered over the weekend as well as the very prestigious Gallery Rifle match. Trophy matches for Lightweight Sporting Rifle (LSR, or GRSB) and Air Pistol are also available and should not be overlooked for testing skill at arms.

New for 2013 are High Possible Score (HPS) jewels which can be claimed in accordance with the criteria outlined in the P&GR section of the bible and offer a chance of recognition for that one off card which may never be repeated under match conditions.

Overall – with very reasonably priced entry fees and simple shooting challenges not found at any other meeting – the P&GR is worth a visit this year.

** Enter now | Download the Entry Form | Enter on-line **


2013 Derby Open

!!Almost Full!!

NJS Shooting
phoenix2013 rude dog
<< >>

Moving into High Summer the Derby Open 1500 and Shorts meeting offers one of the season’s finest shoots to challenge the competitive Gallery Rifle shooter. This is an event which should be well and truly cemented into the season’s calendar. All the usual competitions catered for – 1500, shorts, T&P3 and more

A fantastic prize table, fantastic venue and range complex, a BBQ, mini beer festival (the best yet!), free camping and some local traders also putting in a welcome appearance. Check out some of the sponsors above and see them at Derby.

See you there.

Entry forms are out now.

The Derby OpenEnter now

…For 2013 [Photos here]

The 133rd Aberdeen Wapinschaw


Match details and entry forms now available over on the Events pages


Entry forms  [PDF Format]  [MS Word Format]

The  NASRPC Irish Open 2013



The entry forms for the NASRPC Irish International Open are now available below:

[Entry Forms | PDF | MS Word ]

This meeting fulfils the Irish leg of the IGRF International series of Gallery Rifle meetings.

This is an open meeting – anyone can enter.

The Imperial Historic Arms Meeting

ybEntry forms for this meeting are now available on the website.  In  the spirit of the original no on-line entries but the forms are not as complicated as they first seem to be.

Early bird deadline is the 22nd June and there are discounts of 10% and 20% for 6 and 12 competitions entered respectively.  This can bring individual entry fees down to as low as £5.00 a pop.

Be sure to check this meeting out. Remember its the Spirit of the Original that counts here. The general Gallery Rifle Shooter’s lever action rifle is eligable with the appropriate sights being used.

 // Entry form now available to download \\

Scores and Classifications Databases

…..all updated

The TraceThe Phoenix Records database shows 31 new records for this year. The Classified records database has just one update with Gwyn Roberts shooting an excellent Multi-Target GRCF score of 120.21.

The GRID Database showing classifications and current highest scores is up to date. We currently have 2617 shooters in the GRID Database.

Historic scores database also up to date following Phoenix 2013.  The scores database is always work in progress. It currently holds 27644 classified scores going back to 2007.

Just the Ranking Tables to update. I hear the handle churner for this has just decided to move house!

Phoenix Meeting – Results

phoenix-logoResults from the 2013 Phoenix meeting are now available.

[Results | Prizelist]

Feedback regarding errors, omissions or anything else via the usual channels please

Databases of historic scores, Phoenix record and British record scores and the ranking tables will be updated in due course.

A full list and archive of all results from the 2013 season always available on the 2013 Results page.