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Have we got the classification scores correct ?

Many have said that the pyramid is upside down and looking at the entries for some events it does seem that too many people seem to be in class X

Before we start moving the classification score we as a community need to ask what percentage should be in class X ?

Do we allow people to move down a class ? for example if the competitor does not score the classified score for 8 consecutive matches entered they can appeal to be moved class.

These decisions should be made soon so that changes can be made for the rule book and the stats databases can be changed for next season.

Here is some stats from the past 12 months for TP1 CF, TP1 SB, MT CF

Between 1/4 and 1/3 of competitors in these matches are in class X.

Using these tables you can see what classification scores would be needed to achieve the requires percentage. For example, if the community chose top 15% for x class then that would move TP1 CF to 300 20x, TP1 SB 298, MT CF 117

Once a percentage has been agreed this can be rolled out across any match where X class gets too big 🙂

Moving X class will of course increase A class.

Thoughts ??


TP1 SB Stats 2013-14
Score Times Achieved % each score % of total achieved
300 21 4.0 4.0
299 24 4.5 8.5
298 37 7.0 15.5
297 42 7.9 23.4
296 41 7.8 31.2 X CLASS
295 24 4.5
294 21 4.0
293 23 4.3
292 23 4.3
291 26 4.9
290 13 2.5
289 12 2.3
286 20 3.8
287 16 3.0
286 13 2.5
285 10 1.9 38.0 A CLASS
B Class 162 30.6 30.6 B CLASS
Total 529



TP1 CF Stats 2013-14
Score Times Achieved % each score % of total achieved
300.29 1 0.2 0.2
300.28 2 0.4 0.5
300.27 7 1.3 1.8
300.26 8 1.4 3.2
300.25 10 1.8 5.0
300.24 8 1.4 6.5
300.23 15 2.7 9.2
300.22 11 2.0 11.1
300.21 14 2.5 13.6
300.20 17 3.1 16.7
300.19 10 1.8 18.5
300.18 8 1.4 19.9
300.17 13 2.3 22.3
300.16 5 0.9 23.2
300.15 6 1.1 24.2
300.14 6 1.1 25.3
300.13 3 0.5 25.9
300.12 0 0.0 25.9
300.11 1 0.2 26.0 X CLASS
299.00 102 18.0
298.00 71 13.0
297.00 64 12.0 43.0 A CLASS
B Class 175 31.0 31.0 B CLASS
Total 557


MT CF stats 2013-14
Score Times Achieved % each score % of total achieved
120 9 1.7 1.7
119 22 4.2 6.0
118 23 4.4 10.4
117 29 5.6 15.9
116 38 7.3 23.2
115 30 5.8 29.0 X CLASS
114 35 6.7
113 32 6.1
112 33 6.3
111 37 7.1
110 30 5.8
109 26 5.0
108 33 6.3 43.4 A CLASS
B Class 144 27.6 28 B CLASS
Total 521


Now the date for challenges has passed from the Nationals the latest ranking tables are now available. 3,900 qualifying scores have been shot in the past twelve months which is 700 more than the same time last year.  Next qualifying match is the JSPC Open on 20-21 Sept. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo





The latest Nationals Rankings are now available and include all matches up to and including the Western Winner.


RankingsThe final rankings are now available. Apologies for the delay, issues with duplicate grid numbers from results caused the problems. It is vital that everyone uses their correct grid number 🙂 .

Some of the events where close, very close T&P1 CF in particular where the top 5 where only separated by a few x’s. A certain John Robo seems to have done rather well.

Is everyone happy with the format of best 4 to count from any graded match ? Is there anything we should change ?  Any queries with the tables and I’m sure you will let me know 🙂 . Neil Robo

Final GR_2013_Ranking Tables

September 2013 Rankings

The latest rankings are now available and include all scores to Mattersey & SLG.  Only one more grader left this year – The AAW. 1500 LBR & LBP are now included. The JSP scores are not listed as yet as we need the scores in a format that we can enter into the software. This means that we need the results in a format that give the <Competitor Grid No> / <Match No> / <Score> / <X count>. Without this it would mean manually looking up grid numbers and typing in every score.  Any errors in the ranking, just let me know.  Neil Robo


The latest rankings are now available following the Nationals, some events are close to put it mildly with only a few x’s deciding it.

(Note – the latest ranking tables are always linked from the (GR Rankings) link on the top menu)

Interested to hear others thoughts on holding the Nationals over a Bank Holiday. Anyone with a family has to choose between family long weekend or Bisley. So many other events to draw competitors “may” hit numbers. Unlike Phoenix there is no International on the Monday. Would RO’s still help if it was not a Bank Holiday … Thoughts

Latest ranking now available and including Derby. Any queries mistakes please get in touch 🙂

The latest Ranking tables are now on line including Mattersey scores.

National Ranking Update

RankingsThe latest ranking tables are now available and include scores up to Basildon.

The rankings are calculated on a 12 month rolling calender, for example, Basildon 2012 results dropped off to be replaced by Basildon 2013. At the end of the season AAW, we will end up with the ranking table for the year. Also at any time in the year you can see your national ranking, just like all other sports. The column at the end shows how many matches everyone has entered, so if its 3, enter one more and you will move up the table.

The top 4 scores in the rolling 12 months are used for the table.

Historic data did not have the x count, therefore some people will notice that they have no x’s  for last year. In future all matches will show the x count in the table. Where there are ties at the top of a table scores have been entered manually to show who is currently ranked No1.

This is the first year for this so there are bound to be teething trouble, if you spot something, let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it.

Neil Robo

The new Gallery Rifle rankings are now available and include scores up to and including the ATSC. Next Graded meetings are the Joint Services Pistol Club – Spring Open Shorts followed by Basildon.


The Gallery Rifle National Rankings

RankingsThe current rankings are now available up to and  including the 2013 SAW. These are based on the best 4 scores from a 12 month rolling calendar with the year end AAW each year. This makes it easier to follow, for example after SAW 2013 the SAW 2012 scores will drop off. All results are on the sheets even those who have not shot four matches. This will allow everyone see what their lowest score is to improve on and check that they have 4 eligible.

It is intended to produce the rankings after each graded match so everyone can see where they are as the years progresses. The final ranking after the AAW will give us our end of year ranking, so we will see who is ranked No1 for 2013.


[Direct link to PDF]

National Rankings

The National Ranking table will be produced after each graded GR meeting on a rolling 14 months with the best four scores to count.

Competitors will be able see any time their National Ranking, just like with any other sport and try to achieve a higher and higher ranking over the months or years. Competitors will be able to see the highest National Ranking they have ever achieved, always something to try to better :-). It will also be of use to team captains when it comes to picking national squads.

At the end of each shooting season, AAW, we will have a final ranking table for 2013.

The final table will be produced from scores from Aug 2012 to AAW 2013 inclusive.

The Ranking table will be for the following:
T&P1  CF / SB / LBR / LBP
M-T   CF / SB / LBR / LBP
1500  CF / SB

1976 (Custom)