Calendar of Events

GR&P 2024 CalendarEvent organizers are encouraged to submit as much information as possible and make available entry forms or contact email addresses for general inquiries. You can subscribe using your own calendar application or link it to Google Calendar for easy access via mobile devices.

The 2024 events are now essentially compiled  –  however continue to check back. The calendar will be kept up to date as the season progresses when entry forms and additional information gets added – or removed.

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ATSC – 2024 Open Meeting @ The NRA
Apr 20 – Apr 21 all-day

The Army Target Shooting Club Open Meeting

The Army Target Shooting (ATSC) Club’s annual Club Championships and Open Meeting is at a mid April timeslot for 2024.

The meeting contains a mixture Gallery Rifle and black Powder Muzzle Loading events.

Entry forms are available to download below.

Entry Forms 


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The 2024 Basildon Open @ Basildon RPC
May 3 – May 5 all-day

The 2024 Basildon Open

Another three days for again 2024 – however a week later than the Early May Bank Holiday weekend. Basildon put on an excellent shoot with plenty of space to camp overnight and a pretty decent BBQ for those who wish to partake – just bring a few drinks! Shops and supermarkets just down the road if you prefer and to keep ahead of the Derby mob – well tough. I think John has most definitely given up on the shower!

Enter On-Line


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The 2024 Mattersey Open @ Mattersey RPC
May 5 all-day

The MATTERSEY Gallery Rifle OPEN

T&P and MT for LBR, LBP, GRCF, GRSB and Target Shotgun including Classic (£5 per event)
WA48 for LBR & LBP (£5)
1500 for GRCF, GRCF Open, GRCF Classic and GRSB (£6.00)
1020 for GRCF, GRCF Open, GRCF Classic, GRSB, LBR & LBP (£6.00)
All matches will be classified where appropriate.
Entries are now open online

Enter now Online

Paper Forms also available | PDF | MS Word etc on request


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The Phoenix Meeting @ The NRA
May 23 – May 26 all-day

The 2024 Phoenix Meeting

PhoenixSomething for everybody at the Phoenix. The 2024 Phoenix meeting is its 27th anniversary

The meeting will be held across its traditional long weekend slot, 23th – 26th May.

Entry forms  are available via the NRA web site.

Entry Forms


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The 2024 Derby Open Meeting @ Derby RPC
Jun 28 – Jun 30 all-day

The 2024 Derby Open 1500 and Shorts


Entry Forms here and via the Derby Website

Entry Form

Please find the entry form for the 2024 Derby Open


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The 2024 NASRPC Irish Open and IGRF Gallery Rifle Open @ Fermoy Rifle Club
Jul 5 – Jul 7 all-day

The 2024 NASRPC Irish Open and IGRF Gallery Rifle Open


CF Lever Action Rifle + SB Gallery Rifle – Individual & Team events

Pistol & Shotgun Events

Irish Leg of the IGRF International Matches in SB & CF

[Entry Forms | PDF | MS Word ]


For those who have been here before we look forward to seeing you all again and for those of you visiting Ireland for the first time we’re very excited to meet you all.

Here is a brief update we hope helps answer any questions you have, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with additional questions.


The 2024 NASRPC Irish Open
will be hosted in

Fermoy Rifle Club
Co. Cork

the weekend of July 5th to 7th

There will be events in

.22 Prone Rifle,
.22 Bench Rifle,
Smallbore Gallery Rifle,
Centrefire Gallery Rifle
Smallbore Pistol,
Fullbore Pistol and
Target Shotgun

With individual, aggregate and team awards.


The Irish Open also includes the Irish leg of the IGRF International Series and a new International Pistol Team event.

For more information, please contact

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The 2024 Welsh Gallery Rifle Open Championships @ Haverfordwest Shooting Ground
Aug 2 – Aug 4 all-day

The Welsh Open 1500 and Shorts Championships

To be held at Haverfordwest Target Shooting ClubPembrokeshire’s finest shooting ground.

2th – 4th August 2024

This year we’re happy to get back to hosting a home countries match (HCM) running shoulder to shoulder on the Sunday.

Online Entry

Paper Entry Forms

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The Derby Handgun Challenge @ Derby RPC
Aug 17 – Aug 18 all-day

The Derby Handgun Challenge

The Club is pleased to announce that for 2024 the DERBY HANDGUN CHALLENGE will be held on Saturday and Sunday August 17/18.

This Open event will be for LBPs and LBRs and will offer eight events plus a Practical Shoot run by Team Smoothy.

The events will be: TP1, TP2, TP3, Multi-Target, Phoenix A, WA48, 1020, 1500.


  • The Black Target Aggregate comprising of the 1500 Match, the 1020 and the WA48.
  • The 1370 MAX. This is the aggregate of TP1, TP2, TP3, Multi-Target and Phoenix A

The aggregates will require 494 rounds – quite a marathon, and it can be done in one day shooting many events back to back. Start reloading now.

There will be spaces for 64 competitors, perhaps a few more if the squadding can be tweaked.

Entry Forms here and via the Derby Website

Online Entry Forms


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The 2024 GR National OPEN Championships @ The NSC, Bisley
Aug 31 – Sep 1 all-day

The 2024 Gallery Rifle National OPEN Championships

A weekend to compete and be  crowned a National Champion. This event is predominantly for Gallery Rifles, (Centrefire and Smallbore) and Long Barrelled Revolvers and Pistols. Competitions available for:

  • 25m and 50m precision
  • Multi-Target
  • Advancing Target
  • The 1500
  • Bianchi
  • Timed and Precision matches
  • Speed Steel Challenge.

Also some short-range competitions for older military firearms and the McQueen shoot for any rifle.

Entry forms will be available via the NRA web site.

Entry Forms

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The 2024 SLG Bisley 1500 and Shorts @ Melville Ranges, Bisley
Sep 21 all-day

The SLG Bisley 1500 and Shorts

A return to Melville in late September for some 1500 and shorts matches organized by SLG Bisley.

Just a one day event but cheap accommodation should be easily available on the camp at that time of year. After the event all competitors are invited over to the SPOTT for prizegiving and (maybe) a few drinks.

[ Enter Here ]


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The 2024 Autumn Action Weekend @ The NSC, Bisley
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day

The 2024 Autumn Action Weekend

This is the last of the years main Gallery Rifle Action Weekends that encourages Gallery Rifle shooting for the Gallery Rifle community who visit Bisley.

This meeting includes competitions for Gallery Rifles both Smallbore and Centrefire and Long Barrelled Revolvers and Pistols. There are also competitions for those of you who have an interest in Target Shotgun. For shooters who crave longer distances there are Fullbore competitions held simultaneously at 200 yards.

Entry forms available via the NRA web site.

Entry Forms

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The IGRF and German Open Gallery Rifle Championships @ Leitmar Ranges, Germany
Nov 8 – Nov 10 all-day

The IGRF Gallery Rifle Championships

(and 2024 German Open)

IGRF LogoHeld at the Leitmar Range Complex in Germany.

Also including Shorts and 1500 matches.


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The IGRF Gallery Rifle World Championships @ Leitmar Ranges, Germany
Nov 8 – Nov 10 all-day