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Results from SAW 2016 Results from the 2016 Spring Action Meeting are published. Results | Prizelists Challenges by Tuesday 29th March please.

The latest Rankings are now out up to and including SLG. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo 2015_Ranking  

The 2015 GR&P Nationals – Results now Final Results from the 2015 GR&P Nationals now available. Results Prizelists The Challenge deadline expired noon on Friday 11th September. All results are now final

The latest Ranking tables are now out and include all matches up to the Scottish Gallery Rifle & Pistol Championships. Next ranking matches are the second stage of the Scottish GR&P Championships on 2nd Aug (the 1500s) followed by the Nationals on 29/30 August at Bisley. Any queries please drop me an email 2015_Rankings

Derby Open 2015 – Final Results Final results and photos from the 2015 Derby Open.

The 2015 Derby Open Provisional Results Some words from Jim The Derby Open 2015 was a record breaker with more than 105 competitors and over 730 events being shot. It was fantastic to see 15 new faces and some completely new to the competition circuit. I wish I’d had some spare time to meet you […]

The last Ranking Tables before Phoenix are now out. Same format as previous, your best 4 scores on a rolling 12 months ending up with the Final Table after AAW. 2015_Ranking_Tables

    The first Ranking Tables of the season are now out following the SAW. As usual it is based on your best 4 scores in a rolling year. Any problems I’m sure I’ll hear about it 🙂

2015 SAW Results Results now final: –  Full Results and Prizelists Classifications and Historic Scores Database updated Updated Ranking Tables to follow

Classifications for 2015 The classification breakpoints have changed for 2015 which means many people’s classifications will have also changed. Of course these affect the classified events only – Namely – T&P1, T&P2, Multi-Target, Phoenix A, The 1500, Bianchi and Advancing Target. The new classifications breakpoints are now listed and  been uploaded into the database. You can check […]

Classifications – and Breakpoints Part II New proposed 2014 classification breakpoints for Pistols (LBR and LBP) are listed below. As with the Rifles adjustments some people will move up and some down. Proposed GR&P Pistol Classification changes for 2015 Which Class will I be in? The 1500 Class LBP-old LBP-new LBR-old LBR-new X 1460-1500 1490-1500 1460-1500 […]

Classifications – and Breakpoints We run seven classified events on the Gallery Rifle circuit and a few hardy souls work behind the scenes to keep the integrity of these classes intact and current. Just to remind everyone – the classified events are: Timed and Precision 1 Timed and Precision 2 Multi Target Phoenix A The 1500 Bianchi […]

Classifications for 2015 We have not really looked at shifting the classification breakpoints in Gallery Rifle for about four or five seasons. However the last couple of years have shown that its getting slightly crowded up at the top of some events. The point of breaking events into classifications is to allow shooters of varying abilities to […]

2014 Final Rankings Now the date for challenges for AAW have passed the final ranking positions are available. How close where they! T&P1 both CF and SB decided by a single x.  Any challenges by 14th November then prizes can be awarded.     2014_Ranking  

Classifications Have we got the classification scores correct ? Many have said that the pyramid is upside down and looking at the entries for some events it does seem that too many people seem to be in class X Before we start moving the classification score we as a community need to ask what percentage […]