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Classifications for 2015 We have not really looked at shifting the classification breakpoints in Gallery Rifle for about four or five seasons. However the last couple of years have shown that its getting slightly crowded up at the top of some events. The point of breaking events into classifications is to allow shooters of varying abilities to […]

2014 Final Rankings Now the date for challenges for AAW have passed the final ranking positions are available. How close where they! T&P1 both CF and SB decided by a single x.  Any challenges by 14th November then prizes can be awarded.     2014_Ranking  

Classifications Have we got the classification scores correct ? Many have said that the pyramid is upside down and looking at the entries for some events it does seem that too many people seem to be in class X Before we start moving the classification score we as a community need to ask what percentage […]

Home Countries Competitive Pistol Shooting During the Gallery Rifle National Championship Meeting at the end of August an experimental pistol match was held in which teams from England, Scotland and Wales competed in a concurrent LBR and LBP match. The popular shorts match of T&P1 was chosen as the competition event to record and scores […]

Rankings Now the date for challenges has passed from the Nationals the latest ranking tables are now available. 3,900 qualifying scores have been shot in the past twelve months which is 700 more than the same time last year.  Next qualifying match is the JSPC Open on 20-21 Sept. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo […]

Trafalgar Shooters…. Check out the competition and achieved scores for the Trafalgar meeting if you are thinking of entering the meeting. A full database of scores going back to 2010 is available to search for all the events on offer. Trafalgar Scores Database

Gallery Rifle National Championships Results and Prizelists The Results of the weekend’s competition are now on-line. The deadline for challenges is the end of play next Tuesday – 2 September 2014

Ranking Tables – post Derby The updated ranking tables now available. How’s everyone getting on? Rankings Next classified meeting is the Welsh Open – 9-10 August.

2014 Ranking Tables With the Spring Action Meeting results (almost) cemented the next round of the Gallery Rifle Ranking tables will soon be published The SAW 2014 results will be added to the rolling record. The rankings are calculated on a rolling basis so the 2014 SAW results push 2013 SAW results off the stack […]


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Classifications Gallery Rifle Classifications are described elsewhere on this website and are designed to allow shooters of comparative skill, experience and ability to compete against each other in a fair and equal way. The current classification counts from the GRID are below. These are up to date – as of the end of the 2013 […]

2014 Booklets


GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook 2014 The 2014 Handbook and Phoenix book are now available for comment and updates. Please add comments for any areas of concern, any updates or amendments required or any general moans and groans. These will be mopped up early January when the text for the books are updated. The 2014 […]

The final rankings are now available. Apologies for the delay, issues with duplicate grid numbers from results caused the problems. It is vital that everyone uses their correct grid number 🙂 . Some of the events where close, very close T&P1 CF in particular where the top 5 where only separated by a few x’s. A […]

Trafalgar Meeting 2013 – Results After a short delay the 2013 Trafalgar Meeting Results are now available over on the results page. The historic scores database has also been updated.

Home Office Guide on Firearms Licensing Law The Home Office has produced a new edition of its Guide to Firearms Licensing Law, October 2013. The new edition now runs to 254 pages so its not a light read. Interesting to note that in chapter 1 we now have the question: 1.2:  What is the government […]

September 2013 Rankings The latest rankings are now available and include all scores to Mattersey & SLG.  Only one more grader left this year – The AAW. 1500 LBR & LBP are now included. The JSP scores are not listed as yet as we need the scores in a format that we can enter into the […]