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The 2016 Gallery Rifle Rankings The 2016 Gallery Rifle rankings – the best Gallery Rifle shooters in the UK throughout the 2016 season in T&P1, Multi Target and 1500.   Timed & Precision 1 GRSB – Norman Veitch GRCF – Norman Veitch LBP – Jon Avetoomyan LBR – Phil Cowling Multi Target GRSB – Norman Veitch […]

The 2017 GB Gallery Rifle Captain Ash Dagger has been appointed the Great Britain Gallery Rifle captain for the 2017 season. I’m sure the GR community and squad will wish Ash well and he will continue to build on the success of outgoing captain Jon Avetoomyan, who had a very successful 2016 season, and Pete Cooper who […]

The 2016 Trafalgar Meeting Still looking for Range Officers if anyone would like to volunteer The upcoming Trafalgar Meeting is a must in the Classic and Historic calendar, held at Bisley on the weekend of Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2016. This Meeting is full of character, with competitors seen entering into the spirit […]

Surrey Branch MLAGB – Repeating Pistol Meeting In association with the NRA (and the South London Rifle Club) 16th & 17th July 2016 MELVILLE RANGE , BISLEY (Middle Weekend, NRA Imperial Meeting, alongside the NRA GR, LBP&R and MLP Matches) Unlimited re-entry with different firearms.  Pre-squadded and self-squadded; Registration & one Match £8 if Member […]

The 2016 GB Shooting Show A few of us will be be down to The 2016 GB Shooting show at Stoneleigh  again this year. The show is at Stoneleigh Park again for 2016 – the same venue as the last couple of years. Mark the dates – 12, 13, 14 February 2016 We are in Hall […]

Introductory Gallery Rifle Training Day Saturday 12th March, Bisley Camp Cost £70 – which includes range fees, targets, scorebook, individual coaching and lunch The Introduction to Gallery Rifle (GR) Course will provide the fundamental skills for taking part in GR events and competitions, and will include individual coaching, positional shooting techniques, range procedures, match preparation, mental and physical attitudes, […]

Melville Work


Melville Work The work on Melville Range will affect the way all people use it and also how its used for national competitions. A few comments have been received but if anyone else has thoughts on how this will impact the Bisley GRAWS, Phoenix meeting, Historics and IHAM etc send them over. The work is […]

GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2016 The GB Gallery Rifle team compete on the world circuit and take part in at least three International shoots a year. Team captains are appointed on an annual basis. Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2016 season. The team will compete in IGRF […]

End of Season Wash Up Meeting I’m having an end of season meeting with appropriate people at the NRA this weekend. Areas of discussion so far are shown below – all issues which have been brought up or mentioned thoughout the year. If anyone has any input or areas they wish to give to me […]

“Man v Man” at the AAW Taking advantage of appropriate range opportunity and time allocated to the AAW it has been decided to run an afternoon Man v Man competition on the Saturday afternoon of the competition. An informal affair and in some ways experimental and just a bit of fun to round the season […]

Home Countries Pistol & Revolver Matches Home Countries Teams from England, Scotland and Wales will be competing at the Gallery Rifle National Championships for a couple of new pistol and revolver trophies. These trophies have been conceived, sourced and  produced by current and previous team captains to promote competitive pistol and revolver shooting. Range and […]

Bianchi at the Nationals All four stages of the Bianchi match at the Nationals will take place on Butt Zero on Stickledown.  Access to a 50m facility has not been possible for this meeting and following on from the from the change of format at the Phoenix it has decided this will be repeated for […]

Some Reminders The NRA Imperial Meeting is now over for 2015. The next couple of months provide a number of opportunities for shooters and collectors who prefer a more historic type of shooting. Some events here over the next few months for collectors, historic shooting enthusiasts, muzzle loading rifle and pistol shooters. PDF of the […]

The Derby Open Entry Forms for the 2015 Derby Open are now available for download over on the Derby Website and below. Two days of full competition in 1500, Multi-Target T&P1, T&P2 and T&P3 as well as a shotgun match on offer. By popular demand classic entries also available this year in the T&P1, T&P2 and Multi-Target […]

The Bianchi – what of it? I’ve spent the most part of the close season attempting to engage with representatives of the GR&P community about the future of the Bianchi event with mixed response. The Bianchi as we know it consists of 4 events –  barricade, mover, plates and practical. There are only a couple […]