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The pre Phoenix Rankings are now available and include all matches to date. See you at Phoenix   2016_Ranking

The first Rankings Tables of 2016 are now out, any problems let me know. Next Tables will be produced in time for Phoenix. Rankings

The Final Rankings The final ranking tables for 2015 are now out. Congratulations to all those winner. 4225 cards where shot over the season.   T&P1 S/B   Norman Veitch T&P1 C/F  Taff Wilcox (3x separated top 5 !) T&P1 LBP  Mike Chinery T&P1 LBR  Phil Cowling MT S/B  Greg Rastall MT C/F  Gary Bowden […]

The latest Rankings are now out up to and including SLG. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo 2015_Ranking  

The latest Ranking tables are now out and include all matches up to the Scottish Gallery Rifle & Pistol Championships. Next ranking matches are the second stage of the Scottish GR&P Championships on 2nd Aug (the 1500s) followed by the Nationals on 29/30 August at Bisley. Any queries please drop me an email 2015_Rankings

      The latest Rankings have now been published and yet again very close at the top of T&P1 SB & CF. CF is a complete tie on both score and X count. Next Rankings will be published after Aberdeen & Derby. 2015_Rankings

The last Ranking Tables before Phoenix are now out. Same format as previous, your best 4 scores on a rolling 12 months ending up with the Final Table after AAW. 2015_Ranking_Tables

The JSPC Spring Open Results The results here (in pdf format) have not not been challenged and are now final. JSPC Prize List JSPC Open Results Historic scores database updated and the Classifications also updated. Check your classifications – you may have been promoted as a result of this shoot! Rankings to follow….. Full details […]

    The first Ranking Tables of the season are now out following the SAW. As usual it is based on your best 4 scores in a rolling year. Any problems I’m sure I’ll hear about it 🙂

2015 League Rankings Prizelists Twelve prizes were on offer for top shooters this year through the sponsorship of Wentworth Sporting Supplies, Neil Jones Shooting and Rude Fat Dog. The final Ranking Tables can be found elsewhere on the site. The idea is to keep season long ranking tables showing how people are performing in the popular events of […]

Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables The Penultimate table is with us. And the final classified match of the season is the AAW.  Your final chance to get higher up the board – this weekend. [The Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables] The Ranking tables are kindly sponsored by: [promoslider slider=”rankings-2014″ numberposts=”3″ width=”500px” height=”400px” display_title=”none”] Rude Fat Dog will […]

Rankings Now the date for challenges has passed from the Nationals the latest ranking tables are now available. 3,900 qualifying scores have been shot in the past twelve months which is 700 more than the same time last year.  Next qualifying match is the JSPC Open on 20-21 Sept. Any problems let me know. Neil Robo […]

Ranking Tables – post Derby The updated ranking tables now available. How’s everyone getting on? Rankings Next classified meeting is the Welsh Open – 9-10 August.

Post Phoenix Rankings The post Phoenix Wentworth, Neil Jones, and Rude Fat Dog Ranking Tables are now current. Check out the new tables here. There is not much to separate the top shooters but with 14 registered classified meetings on the competitive circuit there is plenty of opportunity to get a few more scores posted […]

    The latest Nationals Rankings are now available and include all matches up to and including the Western Winner. 2014_Rankings