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Bianchi Classification modifications for 2020 The decline of the Bianchi over the last few years means running 5 classes is very hard to justify. The GRSB/GRCF will move to 3 classes in 2020 with the breakpoints as below. Bianchi Class GRSB GRCF LBP LBR X 1865-1920 1836-1920 1895-1920 1890-1920 1895-1920 1825-1920 A 1811-1864 1701-1835 1855-1894 […]

Classes 2020


Classes 2020 Its been proposed the classification structure be looked at for a few events next season. The popular events of T&P1, Multi-Target and Advancing Target are currently offered in 3 classes for rifles. Its proposed they may benefit from 5. Bianchi is not very popular at the moment so its proposed knocking that back […]

Proposed GR&P Classifications for 2020 The Classification methodology for GR&P is defined on the  Classifications page. They have always been based on highest achieved score for a particular gun type for a specific event. One problem we have is there is no process for demotion. Once you hit a bullet score that class is where […]

Phoenix 2019 Bianchi Bianchi at the Phoenix meeting will consist of the ‘standard’ four elements – Barricades, Mover, Plates and Practical however the Practical match will be modified to cater for the Butt Zero range and space availability we have available to us. The past two or three seasons had seen the USM run instead […]

2018 Handbooks

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2018 Handbooks The 2018 handbooks are now at the printers. The Handbook is in 3 sections for 2018. The main rule book, the 2018 Phoenix Booklet and the Imperial GR&P booklet. Thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers, contributors, proof readers, checkers and generally interested parties.  

Classified Matches


The Classified Matches And their breakpoints We classify into divisions the most popular GR&P events. Various opinions exist about how many divisions there should be and where these divisional breakpoints should lie. However we currently have what is defined. The current philosophy is to build a hierarchical pyramid of shooters with top X class shooters […]

The Galleyrifle Handbook 2018 It is time over the next month to look at the gallery rifle book, a number of people, especially new shooters think the last version was to tasking on the grey cells, trying to decide which end of the book to look at, and some differences in general rules that contradict. I […]

GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook for 2017                   The Handbook is in a familiar format again for 2017. Thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers, contributors, proof readers, checkers and generally interested parties. Although thoroughly checked there is bound to be the odd error or typo. If […]

2017 Rule Book

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GR&P 2017 Rule Book Work has started on the 2017 Gallery Rifle and Pistol handbook If there are any updates, modifications or amendments to the rulebook, the Bisley Bible Volume 4, please let me know. Any comments or feedback please get in touch.

The 2016 GR&P / Phoenix Booklets The updated 2016 GR&P rulebook and 2016 Phoenix booklet is now at the printers. Hard copies will be available and ready for collection at the NRA Offices from the end of the month and there will be a few copies available at the GB Shooting show next week. As a result […]

Classification Changes for T&P1 GRCF Its tight at the top and no more so than the Timed and Precision one event in GRCF. For all the classified events we have traditionally always broken divisional classes on bullet score. Up until now this has generally been an easy and acceptable way to achieve what we require. […]

Holsters and LBPs


Holsters and LBPs The GR&P discipline do not make massive use of holsters. They are used in the following events within a course of fire: T&P2 1500 T&P3 1020 Phoenix A (although not really relevant as the start condition is always empty chamber) Holsters can be used in other events as convenient holding device – […]

T&P2 Timings

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Timed and Precision 2 Timings What is it with the Timed and Precision 2 event? Every year I get lobbied to change the timings because “they are wrong”. Here is what we currently have:   10m – Pistol, Revolver and GRCF – 8secs: GRSB – 5 secs 25m – Pistol, Revolver and GRSB – 105 secs ( 1:45): […]

Iron Sights Pistol Events At the Bisley GRAWS throughout the 2015 season separate iron sighted pistol matches were offered for the T&P1, Multi Target and Advancing Target events. Although we had some moderate take-up there is not enough people to justify continuing to offer these matches as independent and standalone events. What will happen from 2016 onwards is be a […]

Phoenix 2015 Final Results Final Results are now listed Phoenix 2015 Results Phoenix 2015 Prizelists Scores database  and Rankings will be updated in the next few days