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100/200/300 Sporting Rifle Statics Shortly after we went to press with the Phoenix Handbook it was noticed an event we had inaugurated last season has been mistakenly absorbed into some other event numbers courses of fire. The 100/200/300 yards Sporting Rifle Statics competition –  5685 – is incorrectly listed in the printed edition of the 2015 […]

Barricade Shooting


Barricade Shooting – with Pistols On the basis of Feedback (or lack of) the following rule will be inserted into the rulebook for 2015. Affects T&P2, T&P3 and 1500 Procedural penalties c. Touching any part of the barrel with either the firing hand or supporting hand of an LPB and LBR when using the barricade. […]

T&P2 Pistol Matches – Timing Changes A suggestion that stage one of the T&P2 match for pistols – which is 6 shots in 5 seconds – from the holster, is a little unrealistic to be able to get well aimed shots off. Its at 10m but , even so, to acquire the target, (release the safety […]

Rule Books


Rule books for 2015 If anyone  any updates, changes, niggles, typos etc for the 2015 rulebooks please let me know as soon as possible. The GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix book will generally follow the same format for 2015 as previous years. We are working on this now so feel free to send anything through.

Pistols and their Divisions Whatever we do here – we’ll be dammed I suspect…. The LBR and LBP situation is similar to current GRSB and GRCF for the seven classified events we run on the circuit. Classes of X, A and B are applied to the pistols. Any sights can be used on pistols but its been suggested that […]

Classifications for 2015 We have not really looked at shifting the classification breakpoints in Gallery Rifle for about four or five seasons. However the last couple of years have shown that its getting slightly crowded up at the top of some events. The point of breaking events into classifications is to allow shooters of varying abilities to […]

Steels at the AAW

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Steels at the AAW Some feedback from the community requested from old Slky Smooth on what you want from the Steels at the AAW in October. Range hire is based on presumed 100% occupancy. As such the cost base for the shoot will assume that if we weren’t there, other shooters could and would be […]

The 2014 GR&P and Phoenix Meeting Handbooks The 2014 Gallery Rifle and Pistol Handbook and the 2014 Phoenix Booklet are now available to download. Thanks to all content providers, formatters, proof readers, reviewers, commentators, artists, image manipulators, stats compilers and many more for helping in the production of the 2014 edition. You know who you […]

Service Rifle definitions for The Phoenix Meeting and Gallery Rifle and Pistol Meetings – 2014 The definitions of the Service Rifle classes have been changed to reflect the concerns of competitors that the existing classes were defined too broadly. The effect was to make it difficult for competitors to be sure that they were competing […]

2014 Booklets


GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook 2014 The 2014 Handbook and Phoenix book are now available for comment and updates. Please add comments for any areas of concern, any updates or amendments required or any general moans and groans. These will be mopped up early January when the text for the books are updated. The 2014 […]

New Long Range Events at the Nationals Four new long range events are available at the Gallery Rifle National Championships which are not described or documented in the rule book. The course of fire for all gun types will be the same as event 6380 – 200m fullbore any rifle, and will be shot at […]

Summary of Rule and Event Conditions Changes for 2013 Rule changes are all in the GR&P book indicated with the margin bars. There are no major changes and some rules have been clarified more than anything. Summary of the changes are listed here. Foot fault lines Foot fault lines and their use have been clarified. […]

-0- GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook – 2013                       The Handbook is in the usual format again for 2013. Its gone to press –  thank the gods….. Thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers, contributors, proof readers, checkers and generally interested parties. There is bound to […]

Target Graffiti or Sensible Anticipation? Feedback on this unanimously in the direction of NOT allowing competitors to adorn their targets with all and sundry. In fact its been pointed out this is just a natural extension of the general principle that competitors should not be interfering or touching their targets in any way at all. Target numbering […]

Bianchi Barricade Firing Area A fair bit of discussion of the Bianchi Barricade Firing area and its absolute boundaries which was posted back in November.  Bearing these comments in mind, associated with some off-line discussion, the decision has been made to essentially keep the ruling as is but ensure it is more consistently defined. As […]