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ILRPSA Rule Revisions There will be some rule changes which will apply to the long range events at the Phoenix meeting for next season. These are constrained to event timings and slight revisions of some definitions. The Phoenix Booklet will be updated to reflect these changes Event 5321: 100/200 LBP –  Practice 2 (200 yds) : sitting, […]

Sans Alibi


Malfunction Allowances About 4 years ago we decided to migrate a few events into the GR&P event portfolio from other similar meetings. These were more ISSF oriented events and the conditions and standards associated with these events were different. The events were imported without modification and the special conditions associated with the appropriate courses of […]

Modifications to the Los Alamitos Match Although Los Alamitos isn’t often shot at Bisley  it has been  an alternative match that has been used if the Mover is not available.  Its also shot at Mattersey and was actually offered as a stand alone event in 2012 The current COF has evolved from the pistol days, but not […]

Round the Barricade

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Round the Barricade More on barricades……. It may seem we are obsessed with barricades and shooting around them (hopefully not through them) but they do form a fairly major part in events such as Bianchi, 1500 and the T&P2 and 3 matches. On the range (any range) we generally use posts,  mainly for pragmatic reasons […]

Bianchi Firing Areas In a couple of the matches in the Bianchi competition the rules define designated firing areas. In the Moving Target match this is a 3 foot square firing area at each distance of the 60 foot run of the target. In the barricades match it is a 2 foot wide firing area extending […]

T&P3 Loading


T&P3 Loading – The Rules The loading rules for T&P3 state: Loading: All ammunition must be carried on the competitor’s person in a pocket (i.e. belt  loops, pouches, etc. cannot be used). Please note the highlighting above which is mine. The unique point of this particular event is that reloading is done from a standard […]

Its Dead Jim….

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In T&P2 and T&P3 anyway…. Rule A3.3.2 in the GR&P Rulebook states: A3.3.2  During a course of fire a round or magazine may be retrieved from  the ground if dropped, or taken from the competitor’s equipment if on the ground,  only if they have unloaded their firearm, locked it open and it is kept pointing […]

Use of Barricades – Support and Foot Fault lines? One area of clarification which is often asked of your friendly RO on the line is whether  the barricade can be used for support – to lean on. In some cases it can but a related question usually follows regarding where the foot fault line is […]

The Multi-Target Match Procedure for Shooting It has been proposed that event organisers and match directors should have the option of running the Multi-Target match as a ‘walkdown’. This meaning each of the four 6 shot practices should be shot back to back and the whole match scored just once at the end of the process. Recall the course of […]

Standing Unsupported – Rule B6.6.1 Rule B6.6.1 in the Gallery Rifle & Pistol Handbook relates to the standing unsupported position. B6.6.1    Standing with gun held by one or both hands. All portions of the shooter’s clothing, body and gun must be clear of artificial support. It is true to say a competitor complies with the […]

Target Shotgun Rules

Target Shotgun The Target Shotgun Discipline Representative, James Harris, has asked for the following clarifications of the rules to be published in the absence of a TSG rule book. Scoring and procedures for the TS events will be in line with the GR&P rule book. When not under the direction of an RO on the […]