Classification Changes for T&P1 GRCF

TP1 targetIts tight at the top and no more so than the Timed and Precision one event in GRCF. For all the classified events we have traditionally always broken divisional classes on bullet score. Up until now this has generally been an easy and acceptable way to achieve what we require.

T&P1 GRCF is a popular event and over the last few seasons the breakpoints used have started to prove themselves inadequate for dividing people into appropriate divisions in a fair way.

On that basis we’ll be separating  the T&P1 GRCF event on X count from next season onwards. Individual classes will be retrospectively applied before the start of the 2016 season so some people will be reclassified because of these changes.

Details as below:

Class Current Breakpoints Active shooters Proposed Breakpoints Active Shooters
X 300 28% 300.21 9.5%
A 297 – 299 26% 299 – 300.20 33.5%
 B up to 297  46% up to 299    57%


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