Classifications for 2015


We have not really looked at shifting the classification breakpoints in Gallery Rifle for about four or five seasons. However the last couple of years have shown that its getting slightly crowded up at the top of some events.

The point of breaking events into classifications is to allow shooters of varying abilities to compete amongst their peers. Its an alternative way of running a handicap system. Lots of sports run leagues or split competitors into divisions of more or less equal ability. We are no different in this respect.

Various opinions on how to adapt the class boundaries and and how to continue to manage them. The philosophy we are adopting is to attempt to build a hierarchy of classification breakpoints which enable people to test their shooting abilities and climb to a position in the system whilst not discouraging them from ongoing competition.

The overall model we are aiming for is a hierarchy of classes where an approximate split in the shorts events for X, A, B boundaries will divide shooters along 10%, 30%, 60% groupings.  The split in 1500 and Bianchi for X, A, B, C, D boundaries will divide shooters into 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 35% groups.

Classifications will change next season to attempt to reflect these groupings.

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