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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2010Bianchi LBR-O1409
35Chris BarnettNationals 2010T&P2 CF558
35Chris BarnettNationals 2010Multi Target CF95
35Chris BarnettNationals 20101500 CF1410
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2010T&P1 CF271
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2010T&P1 LBP-O257
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2010T&P1 LBR-O278
35Chris BarnettDerby 2010T&P1 LBP-O282
35Chris BarnettDerby 2010Multi Target CF107
35Chris BarnettDerby 2010Multi Target LBP-O108
35Chris BarnettDerby 20101500 CF1434
35Chris BarnettNationals 2010T&P1 CF286
35Chris BarnettSAW 2013Bianchi SB1257
35Chris BarnettSAW 2013Bianchi CF1715
35Chris BarnettAAW 2012Bianchi CF1651
35Chris BarnettAAW 2012Bianchi LBR-O1229
35Chris BarnettAAW 20071500 CF1434
35Chris BarnettAAW 2007Adv Target SB241
35Chris BarnettAAW 2007Adv Target CF170
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2013T&P1 LBP-O250
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2013T&P1 LBR-O161
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2013Multi Target LBR-O50
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2013Bianchi LBP-O876
35Chris BarnettNationals 20071500 SB1359
35Chris BarnettNationals 20071500 CF1419
35Chris BarnettNationals 2007Adv Target CF171
35Chris BarnettNationals 2007Adv Target LBR-O137
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20071500 SB1172
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20071500 CF1383
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20081500 SB1338
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20081500 CF1394
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20081500 LBR-O1186
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2008Bianchi SB1529
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2008Bianchi CF1544
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2008Bianchi LBR-O1368
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2008Adv Target SB235
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2007Bianchi SB1486
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2007Bianchi CF1568
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2007Bianchi LBR-O1403
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2007Adv Target CF159
35Chris BarnettDerby 2008T&P1 CF297
35Chris BarnettDerby 20081500 SB1352
35Chris BarnettDerby 20081500 CF1418
35Chris BarnettBasildon 20091500 CF1436
35Chris BarnettBasildon 20091500 LBP-O1383
35Chris BarnettBasildon 20091500 SB1350
35Chris BarnettBasildon 2009T&P1 LBR-O276
35Chris BarnettBasildon 2009T&P1 LBP-O283
35Chris BarnettBasildon 2009T&P2 CF573
35Chris BarnettBasildon 2009T&P2 SB542
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P1 SB282
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P1 CF295
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P1 LBR-O251
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P2 SB522
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P2 CF526
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009T&P2 LBR-O430
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009Multi Target SB92
35Chris BarnettNationals 2009Multi Target CF107
35Chris BarnettNationals 20091500 CF1382
35Chris BarnettBasildon 20121500 CF1441
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20091500 SB1387
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20091500 CF1328
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20091500 LBP-O1286
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20091500 LBR-O1240
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2009Bianchi SB1550
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2009Bianchi CF1567
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2009Bianchi LBP-O1206
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2009Bianchi LBR-O1072
35Chris BarnettDerby 2009T&P1 CF295
35Chris BarnettDerby 2009Multi Target CF100
35Chris BarnettDerby 2009Multi Target LBP-O99
35Chris BarnettDerby 20091500 CF1403
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012T&P1 LBP-O279
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012Multi Target SB91
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012Multi Target CF95
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012Multi Target LBP-O96
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012T&P2 SB537
35Chris BarnettDerby 2012T&P2 CF569
35Chris BarnettDerby 20121500 CF1420
35Chris BarnettNationals 2012Bianchi CF1557
35Chris BarnettNationals 2012Multi Target SB79
35Chris BarnettNationals 2012T&P2 SB516
35Chris BarnettNationals 20121500 CF1410
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P1 SB290
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P1 CF297
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P1 LBP-O282
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P1 LBR-O266
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P2 SB511
35Chris BarnettAAW 2009T&P2 CF570
35Chris BarnettAAW 20091500 CF1302
35Chris BarnettNationals 2016T&P1 CF292
35Chris BarnettNationals 2016Multi Target SB66
35Chris BarnettNationals 2016T&P1 LBP-I276
35Chris BarnettNationals 2016Multi Target LBP-I92
35Chris BarnettNationals 20161020 CF961
35Chris BarnettAAW 2016T&P1 SB271
35Chris BarnettAAW 2016T&P1 LBP-O279
35Chris BarnettAAW 2016Multi Target SB93
35Chris BarnettAAW 2016Multi Target LBP-O103
35Chris BarnettAAW 2016Adv Target LBP-O131
35Chris BarnettAAW 20161020 CF961
35Chris BarnettNationals 2013Bianchi LBP-O1155
35Chris BarnettNationals 2013Bianchi LBR-O1198
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2014Bianchi SB1393
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2014Bianchi LBP-O1536
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2014Bianchi LBR-O1248
35Chris BarnettDerby 2014T&P1 LBP-O242
35Chris BarnettDerby 2014Multi Target LBP-O88
35Chris BarnettAAW 2013Bianchi LBR-O1317
35Chris BarnettAAW 2013Bianchi CF1665
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2015Bianchi CF1675
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2015Bianchi LBP-O1210
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2015Bianchi LBR-O1297
35Chris BarnettDerby 2015T&P1 LBP-O286
35Chris BarnettDerby 2015T&P2 CF557
35Chris BarnettDerby 2015Multi Target LBP-O83
35Chris BarnettDerby 20151500 CF1406
35Chris BarnettNationals 2014Bianchi CF1606
35Chris BarnettDerby 20141500 CF1407
35Chris BarnettNationals 2014Bianchi LBR-O1240
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2015T&P2 CF570
35Chris BarnettAAW 2014T&P1 LBP-O270
35Chris BarnettAAW 2014T&P1 LBR-O239
35Chris BarnettAAW 2014T&P2 LBP-O452
35Chris BarnettAAW 2014T&P2 LBR-O439
35Chris BarnettAAW 2014Multi Target LBP-O94
35Chris BarnettSAW2015T&P1 LBR-O261
35Chris BarnettSAW2015T&P2 LBR-O492
35Chris BarnettSAW2015Multi Target LBP-O75
35Chris BarnettSAW2015Multi Target LBP-I76
35Chris BarnettSAW 2016Multi Target LBR-O73
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB267
35Chris BarnettNationals 2015Bianchi LBP-O1311
35Chris BarnettNationals 2015Bianchi LBR-O842
35Chris BarnettDerby 2016T&P1 LBP-O276
35Chris BarnettDerby 2016T&P2 LBP-O496
35Chris BarnettDerby 2016Multi Target CF102
35Chris BarnettDerby 2016Multi Target LBP-O103
35Chris BarnettDerby 2016Multi Target LBR-O86
35Chris BarnettDerby 20161500 CF1456
35Chris BarnettSAW 2016T&P1 LBP-O277
35Chris BarnettSAW 2016T&P2 LBP-O487
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016T&P1 LBR-O250
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016T&P2 SB520
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016T&P2 LBR-O466
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBR-O94
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBP-I84
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016Bianchi LBP-O1552
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2016Bianchi LBR-O1299
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011Bianchi CF1568
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011Bianchi LBP-O1263
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011Bianchi LBR-O1334
35Chris BarnettDerby 2011T&P2 CF558
35Chris BarnettDerby 20111500 CF1436
35Chris BarnettNationals 2011T&P1 SB284
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 20111500 CF1393
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011Bianchi SB1413
35Chris BarnettNationals 2011T&P2 SB546
35Chris BarnettNationals 2011T&P2 CF567
35Chris BarnettNationals 20111500 CF1428
35Chris BarnettAAW 2011T&P1 SB275
35Chris BarnettAAW 2011T&P2 SB487
35Chris BarnettAAW 2011Bianchi SB1527
35Chris BarnettAAW 2011Bianchi LBR-O1370
35Chris BarnettSAW 2012T&P1 CF294
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011T&P1 CF295
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011T&P1 LBP-O187
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2011T&P1 LBR-O283
35Chris BarnettSAW 2012T&P1 LBR-O246
35Chris BarnettSAW 2017T&P1 LBP-O270
35Chris BarnettSAW 2017Multi Target LBP-O89
35Chris BarnettSAW 20171020 CF955
39Mike BartonPhoenix 2010T&P1 CF295
39Mike BartonPhoenix 2010Multi Target CF114
43Mel BeardPhoenix 20101500 SB1408
43Mel BeardPhoenix 20101500 CF1483
43Mel BeardPhoenix 2010Bianchi SB1873
43Mel BeardPhoenix 2010Bianchi CF1829
43Mel BeardPhoenix 2010Bianchi LBR-O1900
43Mel BeardPhoenix 2010Adv Target LBR-O164
43Mel BeardAAW 2010Multi Target LBR-O110
43Mel BeardAAW 20101500 CF1484
43Mel BeardAAW 2010Bianchi SB1877
43Mel BeardAAW 2010Bianchi CF1903
43Mel BeardAAW 2010Bianchi LBR-O1900
43Mel BeardAAW 2010Adv Target LBR-O176
43Mel BeardSAW 20111500 CF1481
43Mel BeardSAW 2011Bianchi LBR-O1910
43Mel BeardSAW 2011Adv Target LBR-O177
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 20121500 CF1479
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 20121500 SB1466
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 2012Multi Target CF115
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 2012Multi Target SB112
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 2012T&P1 CF299
43Mel BeardSouth Africa 2012T&P1 SB297
43Mel BeardBasildon 2011Phx A CF185
43Mel BeardBasildon 20111500 SB1466
43Mel BeardBasildon 20111500 CF1480
43Mel BeardDerby 2010Multi Target CF116
43Mel BeardDerby 20101500 SB1456
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