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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

Search for a GRID or name first;  then filter on Venue and/or Event

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2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB82
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF97
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2014Phx A SB162
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB275
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013Phx A SB121
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB219
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF157
2999Martin AshleyDerby 2013T&P1 SB284
2999Martin AshleyDerby 2013Multi Target SB104
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB281
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF288
2999Martin AshleyPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB80
2999Martin AshleyAAW 2016Adv Target SB256
2999Martin AshleyAAW 2016Adv Target CF164
2999Martin AshleyAAW 2016Adv Target LBP-O121
2999Martin AshleyAAW 20151500 SB1374
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB278
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF-C282
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB69
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF-C100
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB112
3003Graeme CowanPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF-C148
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB296
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF299
3005James WilsonAAW 2014T&P1 LBP-O292
3005James WilsonAAW 2014Multi Target LBP-O109
3005James WilsonAAW 2014Phx A LBP-O173
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017Phx A LBP-O165
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017Phx A LBR-O172
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017T&P1 LBP-O296
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017T&P1 LBR-O282
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBP-O96
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBR-O86
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB263
3005James WilsonPhoenix 2014Adv Target CF175
3005James WilsonAAW 2013T&P1 CF297
3005James WilsonAAW 2013Multi Target CF99
3005James WilsonAAW 2013Adv Target CF174
3006Christopher GreenSAW2015T&P1 SB253
3006Christopher GreenSAW2015T&P1 CF296
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF297
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB95
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB283
3006Christopher GreenSAW2015Multi Target SB92
3006Christopher GreenSAW2015Adv Target CF147
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2016Adv Target LBP-O156
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2016T&P1 SB270
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2016T&P1 CF298
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2016T&P1 LBP-O282
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2016Multi Target SB101
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2017T&P1 SB284
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2017T&P1 LBP-O280
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB89
3006Christopher GreenPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBP-O87
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017T&P1 CF-C288
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017T&P1 CF297
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017T&P1 LBP-O279
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017Multi Target SB107
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017Multi Target CF106
3006Christopher GreenDerby 2017Multi Target LBP-O101
3006Christopher GreenDerby 20171500 SB1375
3006Christopher GreenDerby 20171500 LBP-O1429
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2017T&P1 LBP-O292
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2017Multi Target LBP-O103
3006Christopher GreenSAW 2017Adv Target LBP-O150
3006Christopher GreenAAW 2016T&P1 SB293
3006Christopher GreenAAW 2016Multi Target SB103
3006Christopher GreenAAW 2016Adv Target LBP-O161
3007Byron RussellPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB213
3007Byron RussellPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF282
3007Byron RussellPhoenix 2017Adv Target SB220
3007Byron RussellPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB76
3007Byron RussellPhoenix 2016Adv Target SB189
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Adv Target SB256
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Adv Target CF161
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Adv Target LBP-I159
3008David FarrowAAW 2015Adv Target CF172
3008David FarrowAAW 2015Adv Target SB266
3008David FarrowAAW 2015Adv Target LBP-I154
3008David FarrowSAW 2016T&P1 LBP-I280
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB291
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF299
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016T&P1 LBP-I292
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB95
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF110
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBP-I114
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2016Phx A LBP-O162
3008David FarrowSAW 2016Multi Target LBP-I103
3008David FarrowSAW 2016Adv Target SB250
3008David FarrowSAW 2016Adv Target CF161
3008David FarrowSAW 2016Adv Target LBR-O138
3008David FarrowSAW 2016Adv Target LBP-I150
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB257
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF153
3008David FarrowSAW2015Multi Target SB99
3008David FarrowSAW2015Multi Target CF104
3008David FarrowSAW2015Multi Target LBR-O88
3008David FarrowSAW2015Adv Target SB277
3008David FarrowSAW2015Adv Target CF156
3008David FarrowSAW2015Adv Target LBR-O147
3008David FarrowAAW 2014T&P1 SB270
3008David FarrowAAW 2014T&P1 CF283
3008David FarrowAAW 2014T&P1 LBR-O283
3008David FarrowAAW 2014Multi Target SB102
3008David FarrowAAW 2014Multi Target CF102
3008David FarrowAAW 2014Multi Target LBR-O81
3008David FarrowAAW 2014Adv Target SB258
3008David FarrowSAW2015T&P1 SB286
3008David FarrowSAW2015T&P1 CF256
3008David FarrowSAW2015T&P1 LBR-O253
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB290
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF294
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB95
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF107
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB209
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014Adv Target CF151
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014Adv Target LBR-O139
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF282
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014T&P1 LBR-O260
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF94
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2014Multi Target LBR-O72
3008David FarrowAAW 2016T&P1 LBR-O271
3008David FarrowAAW 2016Multi Target LBR-O98
3008David FarrowAAW 2016Phx A LBP-O153
3008David FarrowAAW 2016Adv Target LBR-O148
3008David FarrowAAW 2016T&P1 LBP-I289
3008David FarrowAAW 2016Multi Target LBP-I105
3008David FarrowAAW 2016Adv Target LBP-I159
3008David FarrowAAW 2015T&P1 LBP-I282
3008David FarrowAAW 2015Multi Target LBP-I108
3008David FarrowAAW 2015Phx A LBP-O156
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017Phx A LBP-O142
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017Adv Target LBR-O160
3008David FarrowSAW 2017T&P1 LBR-O288
3008David FarrowSAW 2017T&P1 LBP-I274
3008David FarrowSAW 2017Multi Target LBR-O95
3008David FarrowSAW 2017Multi Target LBP-I100
3008David FarrowSAW 2017Phx A LBP-O143
3008David FarrowSAW 2017Adv Target LBR-O161
3008David FarrowSAW 2017Adv Target LBP-I169
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBR-O91
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017T&P1 LBP-I286
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBP-I83
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2017Adv Target LBP-I148
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB295
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF286
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB109
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF107
3008David FarrowPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF158
3009Joshua WebberAAW 2014Adv Target SB216
3009Joshua WebberSAW 2017T&P1 CF298
3009Joshua WebberSAW 2017Adv Target CF160
3011David BarrasPhoenix 201325m Precision SB228
3011David BarrasPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB265
3011David BarrasPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB187
3014Gavin ChineryBasildon 20131500 SB1264
3014Gavin ChinerySLG Bisley 20141500 SB1308
3014Gavin ChinerySLG Bisley 2014Adv Target SB245
3014Gavin ChinerySLG Bisley 2014T&P1 SB257
3014Gavin ChinerySLG Bisley 2014Multi Target SB95
3015Guy StevensDerby 20141500 SB1447
3015Guy StevensDerby 20141500 CF1447
3015Guy StevensDerby 20141500 CF-C1417
3015Guy StevensDerby 20141500 LBP-O1352
3015Guy StevensDerby 20141500 LBR-O1279
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 2014T&P1 CF299
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 2014T&P1 LBP-O294
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 20141500 SB1431
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 20141500 CF1464
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 20141500 LBP-O1441
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 2014Adv Target CF171
3015Guy StevensSLG Bisley 2014Adv Target LBP-O166
3015Guy StevensAAW 2014T&P2 LBP-O535
3015Guy StevensAAW 2014T&P2 LBR-O435
3015Guy StevensAAW 20141500 SB1442
3015Guy StevensAAW 20141500 CF1469
3015Guy StevensAAW 20141500 CF-C1418
3015Guy StevensAAW 20141500 LBP-O1443
3015Guy StevensSAW20151500 SB1420
3015Guy StevensSAW20151500 CF1478
3015Guy StevensSAW20151020 LBR885
3015Guy StevensSAW2015Adv Target LBP-O177
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015T&P1 CF298
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015T&P1 LBP-O295
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015T&P1 LBR-O289
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015T&P2 CF-C549
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015T&P2 LBP-O575
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015Multi Target LBP-O108
3015Guy StevensDerby 2015Multi Target LBR-O76
3015Guy StevensDerby 20151500 SB1427
3015Guy StevensDerby 20151500 CF1472
3015Guy StevensDerby 20151500 CF-C1426
3015Guy StevensDerby 20151500 LBP-O1439
3015Guy StevensDerby 20151500 LBR-O1083
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF300
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open2015T&P1 LBP-O285
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open2015T&P1 LBR-O284
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open2015Multi Target LBR-O83
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open20151500 SB1446
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open20151500 CF1477
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