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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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2965Toby O'BrienPhoenix 201725m Precision CF289
2965Toby O'BrienPhoenix 20171020 SB1001
2965Toby O'BrienPhoenix 20171020 CF1011
2966Tommy DavisIrish Open 2012T&P1 SB212
2966Tommy DavisIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB66
2967Trevor GoldenIrish Open 2012T&P1 SB258
2967Trevor GoldenIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB75
2967Trevor GoldenIrish Open 20121500 SB1315
2968Will DanaherIrish Open 2012T&P1 SB287
2968Will DanaherIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB102
2968Will DanaherIrish Open 20121500 SB1350
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 201425m Precision SB254
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 201425m Precision CF268
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20141500 SB1338
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20141500 CF1417
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Bianchi SB1699
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB265
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Adv Target CF149
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB298
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF296
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015T&P2 SB570
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015T&P2 CF571
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB109
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF104
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Phx A SB162
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Phx A CF176
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20151500 CF1466
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Bianchi SB1581
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB280
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF167
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB296
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF290
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016T&P2 SB547
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016T&P2 CF548
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB110
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF58
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Phx A SB182
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20161500 SB1477
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20161500 CF1459
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20161020 SB1005
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20161020 CF1014
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Bianchi SB1658
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Adv Target CF169
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB299
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF295
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014T&P2 SB554
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014T&P2 CF492
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB109
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF116
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2014Phx A CF174
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015America Match SB257
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2015America Match CF257
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016America Match SB277
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017T&P1 SB296
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017T&P1 CF297
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB107
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Multi Target CF105
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Phx A SB172
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Phx A CF166
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20171500 SB1457
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Bianchi SB1543
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2017Adv Target SB264
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 201725m Precision SB246
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 20171020 SB1014
2969Peter BridgettIrish Open 2012T&P1 SB282
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 20141500 CF1361
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2014Multi Target CF97
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 20141500 CF1457
2970Adam KendrickNationals 2014T&P1 CF290
2970Adam KendrickNationals 20141500 CF1397
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2014T&P1 CF298
2970Adam KendrickAAW 2014T&P1 SB289
2970Adam KendrickAAW 2014T&P1 CF297
2970Adam KendrickAAW 2014Multi Target CF112
2970Adam KendrickAAW 20141500 SB1437
2970Adam KendrickSAW2015T&P1 SB265
2970Adam KendrickSAW2015T&P1 CF286
2970Adam KendrickSAW20151500 SB1369
2970Adam KendrickSAW20151500 CF1464
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB274
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF-C287
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB97
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF-C98
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 20151020 CF-C980
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2017T&P1 CF300
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2017T&P1 LBR-O281
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2017Multi Target CF102
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2017Multi Target LBR-O78
2970Adam KendrickSAW 20171020 CF1011
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2017T&P1 CF297
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2017T&P1 LBR-O279
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 20171020 CF977
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBR-I83
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2017T&P1 CF295
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2017T&P1 LBR-O274
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2017Multi Target CF106
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2017Multi Target LBR-O77
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 20171500 CF1457
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016T&P1 SB279
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF300
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF-C287
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016T&P1 LBR-O285
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016Multi Target SB100
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF-C106
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 20161500 SB1362
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 20161500 LBR-O1147
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF-C287
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF-C106
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 201425m Precision CF293
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open2015T&P1 SB274
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF289
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open2015Multi Target SB91
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open2015Multi Target CF102
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open20151500 SB1407
2970Adam KendrickNationals 20151500 CF1455
2970Adam KendrickSAW 20161500 SB1413
2970Adam KendrickSAW 20161020 SB987
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB291
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF298
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF-C283
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB107
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF113
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF-C100
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 20161500 SB1392
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF295
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF90
2970Adam KendrickDerby 2013T&P1 CF299
2970Adam KendrickDerby 2013T&P2 CF561
2970Adam KendrickDerby 2013Multi Target CF103
2970Adam KendrickNationals 2013T&P1 CF286
2970Adam KendrickNationals 2013T&P2 CF544
2970Adam KendrickNationals 2013Multi Target CF109
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2013T&P1 CF298
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 2013Multi Target CF113
2970Adam KendrickWelsh Open 20131500 CF1213
2970Adam KendrickAAW 2013T&P1 CF294
2970Adam KendrickAAW 2013Multi Target CF102
2970Adam KendrickAAW 20131500 CF1358
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2014T&P1 CF298
2970Adam KendrickSAW 2014Multi Target CF101
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF299
2970Adam KendrickPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF111
2971Robert DoubledaySAW 2014T&P1 LBR-O253
2971Robert DoubledaySAW 2013T&P1 SB168
2971Robert DoubledaySAW 2013Multi Target SB90
2971Robert DoubledaySAW 2013Adv Target SB190
2971Robert DoubledayAAW 2014T&P1 LBR-O268
2971Robert DoubledayAAW 2014Multi Target LBR-O52
2971Robert DoubledayAAW 2014Adv Target LBR-O127
2971Robert DoubledaySAW2015T&P1 LBP-I267
2971Robert DoubledaySAW2015Multi Target LBP-I62
2971Robert DoubledaySAW2015Adv Target LBP-I137
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB295
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 2013T&P2 SB583
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB102
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 20131500 SB1459
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB269
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 201325m Precision SB250
2973Nico RoetsPhoenix 201350m Precision SB271
2975Thomas FaulhaberPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB254
2975Thomas FaulhaberPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB235
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB291
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF298
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB105
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF102
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB265
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF152
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013T&P1 SB298
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013T&P1 CF295
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013Multi Target SB104
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013Multi Target CF96
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013Adv Target SB262
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2013Adv Target CF173
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013Phx A SB132
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013Phx A CF138
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013T&P1 SB287
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013T&P1 CF296
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013Multi Target SB106
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Autumn 2013Multi Target CF112
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Spring 2014T&P1 SB293
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Spring 2014T&P1 CF299
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Spring 2014Multi Target SB85
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Spring 2014Multi Target CF108
2979Philip JohnstonJSPC-Spring 2014Phx A CF175
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB296
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF296
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB87
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF107
2979Philip JohnstonSAW201525m Precision SB250
2979Philip JohnstonSAW201550m Precision CF244
2979Philip JohnstonSAW201550m Precision SB267
2979Philip JohnstonSAW2015America Match SB272
2979Philip JohnstonSAW2015America Match CF267
2979Philip JohnstonSAW201525m Precision CF279
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 201525m Precision SB234
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 201525m Precision CF283
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 201550m Precision SB243
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2015America Match SB227
2979Philip JohnstonNationals 2015America Match CF262
2979Philip JohnstonPhoenix 201625m Precision SB228
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