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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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2051Jennifer WinterDerby 2011T&P2 SB521
2032Sara TaketDerby 2011T&P2 SB547
1611Chris LewisStourport 2010T&P2 SB548
1586Steve FoskettNationals 2011T&P2 SB578
2340Glenn GordonSAW 2011T&P2 SB561
166Ian CoxPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB571
296Dave HackettPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB589
2051Jennifer WinterPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB545
2224Eamonn BrennanPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB557
35Chris BarnettAAW 2011T&P2 SB487
1969Mark JonesAAW 2011T&P2 SB557
239Clive FergusonStourport 2010T&P2 SB579
34Neil FrancisPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB572
2352Simon BoldDerby 2010T&P2 SB502
1772Terry FryBasildon 2011T&P2 SB583
2419Bob WorthingtonNationals 2011T&P2 SB256
240David FergusonDerby 2011T&P2 SB514
34Neil FrancisDerby 2011T&P2 SB572
2086Jacky LambBasildon 2011T&P2 SB536
2621Keith EdwardsNationals 2011T&P2 SB576
1737Nigel HannamDerby 2011T&P2 SB485
1969Mark JonesDerby 2011T&P2 SB569
1822Donald RobertsonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB493
2416Chris RigbyDerby 2011T&P2 SB531
468John LynchStourport 2010T&P2 SB547
2211Peter WyliePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB564
1612Laura LewisStourport 2010T&P2 SB537
1411Brian GirlingNationals 2010T&P2 SB575
1411Brian GirlingSAW 2010T&P2 SB568
1522David PhinSAW 2010T&P2 SB514
1611Chris LewisSAW 2010T&P2 SB573
591Robin PrattPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB480
362Keith HowellSAW 2010T&P2 SB535
370Jennie HunterSAW 2010T&P2 SB531
461Christine LoweSAW 2010T&P2 SB555
468John LynchSAW 2010T&P2 SB565
591Robin PrattSAW 2010T&P2 SB468
1180Andrew JarmanSAW 2010T&P2 SB581
1937Achim DreyerSAW 2010T&P2 SB526
2086Jacky LambAAW 2010T&P2 SB535
468John LynchBasildon 2011T&P2 SB569
2163Colin McMichaelWestern Winner 2011T&P2 SB564
1750Tim HirstNationals 2011T&P2 SB571
34Neil FrancisBasildon 2011T&P2 SB565
461Christine LoweSAW 2011T&P2 SB537
2163Colin McMichaelNationals 2010T&P2 SB547
1340Bernard BondPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB440
30Alan BarkerPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB566
1969Mark JonesPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB504
2419Bob WorthingtonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB498
2086Jacky LambNationals 2010T&P2 SB544
2110Ian PricePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB552
2110Ian PriceDerby 2011T&P2 SB564
468John LynchNationals 2011T&P2 SB560
632John RobinsonNationals 2011T&P2 SB598
2607Michael ShiewAAW 2011T&P2 SB553
474Matthew WarneNationals 2010T&P2 SB362
468John LynchNationals 2010T&P2 SB563
2337Greg RastallPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB590
634Walter RobinsonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB549
1765Leslie KongSAW 2011T&P2 SB558
468John LynchBasildon 2010T&P2 SB570
167Keith CoxBasildon 2010T&P2 SB589
2337Greg RastallNationals 2010T&P2 SB576
2352Simon BoldNationals 2010T&P2 SB492
2347Stuart RobertsNationals 2010T&P2 SB558
2340Glenn GordonNationals 2010T&P2 SB552
1969Mark JonesNationals 2010T&P2 SB549
1411Brian GirlingNationals 2011T&P2 SB552
1180Andrew JarmanNationals 2011T&P2 SB589
2352Simon BoldStourport 2011T&P2 SB475
2211Peter WylieNationals 2010T&P2 SB558
2175Gerry ConlonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB513
2051Jennifer WinterNationals 2010T&P2 SB496
1914Terry LowmanNationals 2011T&P2 SB571
30Alan BarkerAAW 2010T&P2 SB566
632John RobinsonBasildon 2010T&P2 SB595
1180Andrew JarmanBasildon 2010T&P2 SB594
296Dave HackettBasildon 2010T&P2 SB590
1022Stephen LambBasildon 2010T&P2 SB579
1863Edward ErskineBasildon 2010T&P2 SB521
2345Miho SuqitaBasildon 2010T&P2 SB478
30Alan BarkerSAW 2011T&P2 SB562
1737Nigel HannamStourport 2011T&P2 SB469
468John LynchAAW 2010T&P2 SB573
2645Ian HillsDerby 2011T&P2 SB458
1969Mark JonesDerby 2010T&P2 SB561
468John LynchSAW 2011T&P2 SB565
410Neil JonesDerby 2010T&P2 SB556
1750Tim HirstAAW 2011T&P2 SB576
296Dave HackettAAW 2011T&P2 SB581
2163Colin McMichaelSAW 2011T&P2 SB557
2086Jacky LambSAW 2011T&P2 SB561
623Gwyn RobertsPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB591
461Christine LoweNationals 2011T&P2 SB549
591Robin PrattPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB481
296Dave HackettPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB588
35Chris BarnettNationals 2011T&P2 SB546
461Christine LowePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB564
2308Andrew BriceAAW 2011T&P2 SB576
2223Derek HealyPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB524
2352Simon BoldStourport 2010T&P2 SB460
468John LynchPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB575
2176Jeff KehoePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB559
1969Mark JonesStourport 2010T&P2 SB560
2086Jacky LambAAW 2011T&P2 SB503
2211Peter WyliePhoenix 2010T&P2 SB546
2419Bob WorthingtonAAW 2011T&P2 SB558
474Matthew WarnePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB542
2309Linda SutcliffePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB559
632John RobinsonPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB534
296Dave HackettNationals 2010T&P2 SB581
2338Tony HealyPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB523
1750Tim HirstPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB569
632John RobinsonBasildon 2011T&P2 SB597
2361Jason WhitworthPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB505
2362Geoff SteadPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB531
2340Glenn GordonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB563
632John RobinsonNationals 2010T&P2 SB595
987Charles BestwickNationals 2010T&P2 SB557
1057Andy SummersNationals 2010T&P2 SB584
1180Andrew JarmanNationals 2010T&P2 SB592
1611Chris LewisNationals 2010T&P2 SB586
1612Laura LewisNationals 2010T&P2 SB482
1779Steve WattamNationals 2010T&P2 SB564
1914Terry LowmanNationals 2010T&P2 SB566
634Walter RobinsonPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB530
1022Stephen LambPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB581
1180Andrew JarmanPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB586
1340Bernard BondPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB526
1342Lee WeatherburnPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB479
1426Taff WilcoxPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB590
1611Chris LewisPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB574
1770Declan MurphyPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB545
1969Mark JonesPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB563
1983Ian BuntingPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB558
2003Mark SimpkinsPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB492
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB442
2086Jacky LambPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB502
2110Ian PricePhoenix 2010T&P2 SB559
2175Gerry ConlonPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB577
2176Jeff KehoePhoenix 2010T&P2 SB532
2225James ConnollyPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB562
2228Martin HayesPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB571
2338Tony HealyPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB538
2340Glenn GordonPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB346
2347Stuart RobertsPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB572
2215Martin HannamStourport 2011T&P2 SB561
2621Keith EdwardsStourport 2011T&P2 SB577
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011T&P2 SB476
591Robin PrattAAW 2010T&P2 SB436
296Dave HackettAAW 2010T&P2 SB586
34Neil FrancisStourport 2011T&P2 SB573
2648Alistair RaffertyPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB540
1765Leslie KongNationals 2011T&P2 SB538
1937Achim DreyerNationals 2010T&P2 SB540
2330Robert J. TonnerNationals 2011T&P2 SB569
1977Cornelius SchalkwykAAW 2010T&P2 SB541
34Neil FrancisSAW 2011T&P2 SB445
2086Jacky LambNationals 2011T&P2 SB565
1779Steve WattamAAW 2010T&P2 SB548
1969Mark JonesSAW 2011T&P2 SB561
2337Greg RastallSAW 2011T&P2 SB574
2607Michael ShiewSAW 2011T&P2 SB499
468John LynchDerby 2011T&P2 SB553
1022Stephen LambAAW 2010T&P2 SB574
1180Andrew JarmanBasildon 2011T&P2 SB590
683Jim SmithBasildon 2011T&P2 SB575
1611Chris LewisDerby 2011T&P2 SB579
1969Mark JonesNationals 2011T&P2 SB534
1180Andrew JarmanSAW 2011T&P2 SB590
1779Steve WattamPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB548
1828John CrouchPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB578
1937Achim DreyerAAW 2010T&P2 SB537
2086Jacky LambDerby 2011T&P2 SB552
468John LynchPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB560
632John RobinsonDerby 2011T&P2 SB595
1542Jonathan AvetoomyanDerby 2011T&P2 SB566
468John LynchAAW 2011T&P2 SB572
239Clive FergusonDerby 2010T&P2 SB586
283Doug GreenDerby 2010T&P2 SB557
180Ashley DaggerDerby 2010T&P2 SB560
1057Andy SummersDerby 2010T&P2 SB585
632John RobinsonDerby 2010T&P2 SB589
2110Ian PriceDerby 2010T&P2 SB560
1611Chris LewisDerby 2010T&P2 SB578
1772Terry FryDerby 2011T&P2 SB579
2110Ian PriceNationals 2011T&P2 SB525
1937Achim DreyerPhoenix 2010T&P2 SB556
632John RobinsonPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB591
2215Martin HannamDerby 2011T&P2 SB515
1100Lara BestwickPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB526
1245Patrick HerlihyPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB563
1180Andrew JarmanPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB589
2309Linda SutcliffeWestern Winner 2011T&P2 SB544
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB525
762Mike VincePhoenix 2011T&P2 SB444
2086Jacky LambPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB538
296Dave HackettNationals 2011T&P2 SB593
1772Terry FryPhoenix 2011T&P2 SB572
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