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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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1Rob AdamNationals 2010Adv Target SB267
1Rob AdamNationals 2009Multi Target CF-C98
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2012Adv Target CF172
1Rob AdamSAW 2009Phx A CF168
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2009Adv Target LBR-O165
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2012Adv Target LBR-O159
1Rob AdamSAW 2009T&P1 CF-C270
1Rob AdamSAW 2009Multi Target CF88
1Rob AdamNationals 2012Adv Target CF165
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2008Adv Target LBR-O154
1Rob AdamSAW 2009Multi Target CF-C76
1Rob AdamSAW 2009Adv Target LBP-O148
1Rob AdamNationals 2009Adv Target CF160
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2012Adv Target SB280
1Rob AdamNationals 2009T&P1 CF-C296
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2009Multi Target CF100
1Rob AdamNationals 2012Adv Target LBR-O166
1Rob AdamSAW 2009Adv Target CF168
1Rob AdamNationals 2007T&P1 CF-C289
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2010Adv Target LBR-O166
1Rob AdamNationals 2010Adv Target CF172
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2009Adv Target CF156
1Rob AdamSAW 2013T&P1 CF300
1Rob AdamNationals 2010Adv Target LBR-O157
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2010Adv Target SB262
1Rob AdamNationals 2012Adv Target SB251
1Rob AdamPhoenix 2010Adv Target CF171
1Rob AdamNationals 2009Adv Target LBR-O173
2Vic AdamsSAW 2008Multi Target LBP-O73
2Vic AdamsPhoenix 2007T&P1 LBR-O268
2Vic AdamsPhoenix 2007Multi Target LBR-O90
2Vic AdamsPhoenix 2008Multi Target LBR-O79
2Vic AdamsPhoenix 2007Adv Target LBR-O158
7Charles MurtonFermoy 2010T&P1 SB297
7Charles MurtonDerby 2015T&P1 CF300
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011Phx A CF-O160
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF174
7Charles MurtonSAW 2008Adv Target CF169
7Charles MurtonNationals 2010Phx A CF-O177
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011Multi Target CF100
7Charles MurtonNationals 2007Phx A SB170
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014Adv Target CF171
7Charles MurtonNationals 2015T&P1 CF295
7Charles MurtonAAW 2008T&P1 CF300
7Charles MurtonNationals 2012Adv Target CF-O119
7Charles MurtonNationals 2011T&P1 CF-0294
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF284
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF103
7Charles MurtonAAW 2014Multi Target SB109
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010T&P1 SB295
7Charles MurtonNationals 2011Multi Target CF-O115
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2008Multi Target CF109
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007T&P1 SB292
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010T&P1 CF296
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011Multi Target SB99
7Charles MurtonDerby 2014T&P1 SB281
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF298
7Charles MurtonSAW 2013T&P1 SB291
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2013T&P1 SB294
7Charles MurtonAAW 2008Phx A CF186
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014Multi Target SB109
7Charles MurtonFermoy 20101500 SB1443
7Charles MurtonSAW2015T&P1 CF299
7Charles MurtonDerby 2013Multi Target CF101
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2008Adv Target CF165
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB291
7Charles MurtonSAW 2009T&P1 CF299
7Charles MurtonAAW 2012Adv Target CF172
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB261
7Charles MurtonSouth Africa 2012Multi Target CF102
7Charles MurtonNationals 20091500 SB1418
7Charles MurtonSouth Africa 2012T&P1 CF298
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2012Multi Target SB105
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2009Multi Target SB104
7Charles MurtonNationals 2013Multi Target SB100
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2008T&P1 CF298
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010Multi Target SB106
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2009T&P1 SB284
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 20121500 SB1400
7Charles MurtonSAW2015Multi Target CF112
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2009T&P1 CF296
7Charles MurtonSAW 2013Adv Target SB276
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007Adv Target SB275
7Charles MurtonAAW 2012Multi Target CF110
7Charles MurtonSAW 2008Multi Target CF113
7Charles MurtonSAW 2008Phx A CF166
7Charles MurtonPinewood 20081500 SB1437
7Charles MurtonNationals 2009Multi Target SB105
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2012Adv Target CF165
7Charles MurtonLeitmar 2011Multi Target SB110
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010T&P1 SB284
7Charles MurtonFermoy 2010Multi Target SB113
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF-O158
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB295
7Charles MurtonAAW 2014T&P1 SB293
7Charles MurtonFermoy 2010T&P1 CF299
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014Multi Target CF113
7Charles MurtonAAW 2013Adv Target SB253
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010T&P1 CF299
7Charles MurtonNationals 2010T&P1 CF-0294
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF-0249
7Charles MurtonAAW 2013T&P1 SB297
7Charles MurtonAAW 2014Adv Target SB273
7Charles MurtonNationals 2015Adv Target SB268
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014Adv Target CF177
7Charles MurtonDerby 2014Multi Target SB111
7Charles MurtonPinewood 20091500 SB1443
7Charles MurtonAAW 2013Phx A SB170
7Charles MurtonSAW 2007T&P1 CF295
7Charles MurtonNationals 2009T&P1 SB283
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010Multi Target CF114
7Charles MurtonDerby 2013Multi Target SB105
7Charles MurtonPinewood 20071500 SB1428
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007Adv Target CF168
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010Adv Target SB243
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010Multi Target CF108
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2014Adv Target SB264
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF115
7Charles MurtonFermoy 20111500 SB1459
7Charles MurtonDerby 2013T&P1 SB272
7Charles MurtonAAW 20091500 SB1446
7Charles MurtonNationals 2009T&P1 CF297
7Charles MurtonSAW 2013Multi Target CF112
7Charles MurtonDerby 2013T&P1 CF297
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011T&P1 CF297
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010Phx A SB174
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011T&P1 SB287
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2012T&P1 CF293
7Charles MurtonNationals 2013Adv Target SB277
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB99
7Charles MurtonNationals 2013T&P1 SB279
7Charles MurtonSAW 20071500 SB1416
7Charles MurtonSAW2015Adv Target CF-O170
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014T&P1 SB295
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB264
7Charles MurtonWestern Winner 20071500 SB1436
7Charles MurtonDerby 2014T&P1 CF296
7Charles MurtonSouth Africa 2012T&P1 SB279
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB108
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2009Multi Target CF116
7Charles MurtonDerby 2014Multi Target CF111
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 20111500 SB1423
7Charles MurtonSAW 2011Adv Target SB268
7Charles MurtonAAW 2012T&P1 CF296
7Charles MurtonFermoy 2010Multi Target CF112
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF296
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB257
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2013Multi Target SB101
7Charles MurtonNationals 2011Adv Target SB279
7Charles MurtonNationals 2007Adv Target SB283
7Charles MurtonNationals 2015T&P1 SB290
7Charles MurtonSAW 2013Adv Target CF175
7Charles MurtonAAW 2011Adv Target SB270
7Charles MurtonSAW 2011Multi Target CF110
7Charles MurtonSAW 2013T&P1 CF293
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007Multi Target SB95
7Charles MurtonDerby 2015Multi Target SB105
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007T&P1 CF297
7Charles MurtonNationals 2015Adv Target CF157
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014Adv Target SB274
7Charles MurtonDerby 2015Multi Target CF111
7Charles MurtonSAW2015Adv Target CF169
7Charles MurtonSAW 2009Multi Target CF111
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF-O167
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011T&P1 CF-0297
7Charles MurtonSAW 2011T&P1 CF298
7Charles MurtonSAW2015Adv Target SB270
7Charles MurtonAAW 2010Adv Target SB264
7Charles MurtonSAW2015Multi Target SB107
7Charles MurtonAAW 2014Phx A SB170
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2012Multi Target CF103
7Charles MurtonAAW 2013Multi Target SB106
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB100
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2007Multi Target CF103
7Charles MurtonAAW 2012Adv Target SB268
7Charles MurtonLeitmar 2011T&P1 SB281
7Charles MurtonNationals 2010Multi Target CF-O111
7Charles MurtonAAW 2009T&P1 CF300
7Charles MurtonNationals 2010Adv Target CF-O172
7Charles MurtonNationals 2012Adv Target SB272
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2010Adv Target CF176
7Charles MurtonAAW 2008Multi Target CF115
7Charles MurtonNationals 2014T&P1 CF294
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010Phx A CF172
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2012T&P1 SB288
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2011Adv Target SB264
7Charles MurtonLeitmar 20111500 SB1370
7Charles MurtonSAW2015T&P1 SB293
7Charles MurtonSLG Bisley 2014Multi Target SB109
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF173
7Charles MurtonAAW 2012Phx A CF170
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2012Phx A CF179
7Charles MurtonNationals 2012T&P1 SB291
7Charles MurtonNationals 2009Multi Target CF105
7Charles MurtonSouth Africa 2012Multi Target SB89
7Charles MurtonSAW 2010Multi Target SB103
7Charles MurtonNationals 2015Multi Target SB100
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF107
7Charles MurtonPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB280
7Charles MurtonAAW 2008Adv Target CF175
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