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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort upVenue sort downsort upEvent sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
2022Karen ThompsonDerby 2014Multi Target CF0
2337Greg RastallPhoenix 2012T&P2 SB0
1378Geoff SeymourMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target LBP-O0
2009John ScanlonPhoenix 2009T&P1 CF0
2864Kevin BladesDerby 20131500 SB0
1569Christopher McLeanSAW 2009Multi Target SB0
2009John ScanlonPhoenix 2009T&P1 CF0
74Sharon BowdenDerby 2012Multi Target SB0
1935Uwe DammeLeitmar 20111500 CF0
2175Gerry ConlonRoI May 121500 CF1
2831Clive JacksonRoI May 12Multi Target CF1
2831Clive JacksonRoI May 121500 SB1
2682Michael NestorRoI May 12Multi Target CF1
2108Jamie StevensonSAW 2010Multi Target SB5
2652John SeckerMattersey 2012Multi Target CF19
1779Steve WattamPhoenix 2010Adv Target CF20
1956Carol ChildsDerby 2010Multi Target CF22
3262Mark LloydPhoenix 2017Multi Target LBP-I27
784Chris WebbAAW 2011Multi Target CF27
1845Keith MephamDerby 2008Multi Target LBR-O27
1773Morne Van DalenPhoenix 2007Multi Target SB28
1299Jane CaruanaPhoenix 2008Phx A SB29
3030Roy ElliottMattersey Ten 2013Multi Target SB31
1822Donald RobertsonPhoenix 2009Multi Target SB32
1299Jane CaruanaPhoenix 2009Multi Target LBR-O32
3254Geoff GregoryDerby 2015Multi Target SB33
2110Ian PriceMattersey 2010Multi Target SB34
3582Jacki CrawfordWCSA Open 2016Multi Target CF34
2219Andy YatesDerby 2010Multi Target CF35
1101Vincent SmythSAW 2017Multi Target CF35
2895Keith SidleDerby 2017Multi Target LBR-O36
2957Patsy McGonagleIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB36
2652John SeckerDerby 2011Multi Target CF39
2741George SmithAberdeen 2012Multi Target CF39
3673David BartlettPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB39
2991Robert BaileyPhoenix 2015Multi Target LBR-I41
3580Lenny OruzWCSA Open 2016Multi Target SB42
188Charlie DawsonDerby 2013Multi Target SB44
2790Torsten FritzLeitmar 2011Multi Target CF44
2641Rachel GoldsworthyPhoenix 2015Multi Target LBR-I44
1493Alan SmithMattersey 2010Multi Target LBR-O45
3673David BartlettDerby 2017Multi Target SB46
1132Tom FlintPhoenix 2007Phx A SB46
2151Robert TurnerPhoenix 2009Multi Target SB47
1828John CrouchPhoenix 2012Multi Target LBP-O47
2979Philip JohnstonDerby 2015Multi Target CF48
1953Errol HarriottAAW 2008Multi Target LBR-O48
1652Denis LinehanPhoenix 2007Multi Target CF49
2652John SeckerJSPC-Spring 2014Phx A SB49
3297Les BushnellBasildon 2015Multi Target LBP-O49
3381Emma DuffyCLSTSA Burnley 2015Multi Target SB49
2609Carl ThomasSAW 2011Multi Target SB49
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007Phx A SB49
1056Ron PughDerby 2012Multi Target SB49
2073John DugganSAW 2014Multi Target LBP-O50
2769Vyvyan SmithPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB50
35Chris BarnettPhoenix 2013Multi Target LBR-O50
2979Philip JohnstonScottish Pistol Shorts 2017Multi Target LBP-O50
736Mal ThompsonPhoenix 2008Multi Target LBP-O51
3347John HaynesNationals 2015Multi Target SB51
2220Tom O'NeillSAW 2010Multi Target LBR-O51
724Alison TedescoDerby 2015Multi Target LBP-O51
1095Peter CooperPhoenix 2011Multi Target LBR-O51
1792Tom EllawaySAW 2007Multi Target SB51
1501Anthony LawsonNationals 2015Multi Target SB52
2220Tom O'NeillNationals 2009Multi Target LBR-O52
1628Olivia-Henriette BraunischPhoenix 2007Multi Target CF52
3165Victor DauppePhoenix 2014Multi Target CF52
3145Emma LanePhoenix 2015Multi Target LBP-O52
2971Robert DoubledayAAW 2014Multi Target LBR-O52
1618Harry TurbyfieldSAW 2007Multi Target CF-C52
2896Jenny SmoothyDerby 2012Multi Target CF52
2169Adrian BlackwellMattersey Ten 2009Multi Target SB53
2073John DugganPhoenix 2012Multi Target SB53
3225Michael AddisSLG Bisley 2015Multi Target LBP-O53
1271Anne MilkeIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB53
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open2015Multi Target LBR-O54
187Fred DavisPhoenix 2011Multi Target LBR-O54
2417Barry SheardDerby 2010Multi Target CF54
433John KimePhoenix 2017Adv Target LBP-I54
2314Jason LiewDerby 2017Multi Target CF55
2629Jacques KriekSouth Africa 2012Multi Target CF56
1808Soli LamAAW 2007Multi Target CF56
1010Toby BullenNationals 2009Multi Target CF-C56
2008Roy MitchellPhoenix 2008Phx A CF56
687Chris SmoothyDerby 2013Multi Target LBP-O56
2008Roy MitchellPhoenix 2008Multi Target SB56
2880Rebecca BestwickWapinschaw 2017Multi Target LBP-O56
3554James CooperAAW 2016Multi Target SB56
1411Brian GirlingNationals 2008Multi Target SB56
2008Roy MitchellPhoenix 2008Phx A SB56
1264Gaynor ChineryAAW 2007Multi Target LBP-O56
2008Roy MitchellPhoenix 2008Multi Target CF56
2008Roy MitchellPhoenix 2008Multi Target CF56
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 2016Multi Target LBR-O56
3225Michael AddisSAW 2017Multi Target LBP-O56
2588Harald KünsterLeitmar Open 2010T&P1 CF57
1845Keith MephamDerby 2016Multi Target LBR-O57
476Martin MaldarPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB57
2968Will DanaherPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF58
2889P CousarJSPC-Autumn 2016Multi Target CF58
2041John DaviesDerby 2012Multi Target LBR-O58
2895Keith SidleDerby 2014Multi Target CF58
2588Harald KünsterLeitmar Open 2010Multi Target CF58
3579Yucel OruzWCSA Open 2016Multi Target SB59
1173Peter SavageAAW 2015Multi Target LBP-I59
3206Lorraine NealeWelsh Open2015Multi Target SB59
3227Raymond DaviesSLG Bisley 2015Multi Target LBP-O59
1752Anthony SlatterSAW 2007Multi Target CF-C59
408Jim JonesDerby 2011Multi Target SB60
1797Tony WalshSAW 2013Multi Target CF-C60
1475James HarrisNationals 2009Multi Target CF-C60
1139Peter TownendPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB60
1927Gary ClarkeAAW 2007Multi Target CF60
2163Colin McMichaelWestern Winner 2012Multi Target LBR-O60
2073John DugganNationals 2012Multi Target LBR-O60
3311Ian ScottDerby 2017Multi Target CF61
1852Tony SimsPhoenix 2007Multi Target LBR-O61
2796Nicole NeumannLeitmar 2011Multi Target CF61
1378Geoff SeymourDerby 2008Multi Target LBR-O61
1774David WardSAW 2007Multi Target CF-C61
1100Lara BestwickPhoenix 2011Multi Target LBP-O61
2889P CousarJSPC 2015Multi Target LBR-O61
260Ted GeorgeCLSTSA Burnley 2016Multi Target SB61
1097Stephen BushnallPhoenix 2015Multi Target LBR-I61
1979Ronald PlattSAW 2009Multi Target CF61
1979Ronald PlattSAW 2008Multi Target CF61
736Mal ThompsonPhoenix 2008Multi Target LBR-O61
3423Tim SmartPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF-O62
937Gavin MilliganPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBR-O62
871Mark GriffithsPhoenix 2008Multi Target LBR-O62
3060Pat SavageNationals 2013Multi Target SB62
3067William BlackwoodAberdeen 2013Multi Target SB62
2590Frank LöchnerLeitmar 2011Multi Target CF62
2889P CousarJSPC-Spring 2016Multi Target LBR-O62
823Rae WillsPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB62
591Robin PrattPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBR-I62
2971Robert DoubledaySAW2015Multi Target LBP-I62
1922Keith PoyserSAW 2008Multi Target SB62
3404Kim PriorSAW 2016Multi Target LBP-I63
2952Graham RafterIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB63
2041John DaviesMattersey Ten 2011Multi Target SB63
2011Timothy MephamDerby 2008Multi Target LBR-O63
310Alan HargraveNationals 2014Multi Target SB63
2652John SeckerDerby 2012Multi Target SB63
1013Richard PerrySAW 2012Multi Target SB63
1097Stephen BushnallPhoenix 2016Multi Target LBR-I63
3476Jon WrightScottish Pistol Shorts 2016Multi Target SB63
3233Stephen WilsonPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB63
284Paul GreenPhoenix 2013Multi Target LBR-O63
2041John DaviesMattersey 2010Multi Target SB63
2895Keith SidleDerby 2013Multi Target LBP-O64
3254Geoff GregoryBasildon 2015Multi Target SB64
737Josie AdamSAW 2009Multi Target CF-C64
2041John DaviesMattersey 2012Multi Target LBR-O64
1013Richard PerryNationals 2012Multi Target LBR-O64
2328Allan BennettPhoenix 2010Multi Target SB64
3473Alex PannellDerby 2016Multi Target CF64
1808Soli LamSAW 2007Adv Target CF64
1196Peter HobsonSAW2015Multi Target CF-C64
1320Darren SquirePhoenix 2017Multi Target LBP-I64
3262Mark LloydSLG Bisley 2016Multi Target LBP-O64
1483Gavin ArmstrongMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB64
1813Ross BurroughNationals 2009Multi Target CF-C64
2642Shaun TroutPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB64
1742Aaron JamesAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O64
1670Bob NicholsonPhoenix 2011Multi Target SB64
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2016Multi Target SB64
633Ray RobinsonPhoenix 2007Multi Target SB64
324Peter Hathaway-JonesJSPC 2015Multi Target LBR-O64
348Keith HodgsonPhoenix 2009Multi Target SB65
2748Glenn ForbesNationals 2013Multi Target SB65
187Fred DavisPhoenix 2012Multi Target LBR-O65
2367Barry ShearedMattersey 2010Multi Target CF65
3036M GelardMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target CF65
2652John SeckerMattersey-Ten 2014Multi Target SB65
1977Cornelius SchalkwykSAW 2008Multi Target CF65
461Christine LoweSAW 2008Multi Target CF65
2220Tom O'NeillNationals 2010Multi Target LBR-O65
3669Shau'ri WigginsDerby 2017Multi Target SB65
1588Andy Collins-WilliamsSAW 2007Multi Target CF-C65
3165Victor DauppeNationals 2014Multi Target CF-C65
1351Philip HoughtonPhoenix 2010Multi Target LBR-O66
2748Glenn ForbesNationals 2011Multi Target SB66
3198Nigel ProctorDerby 2015Multi Target SB66
3089C SpriggsJSPC-Autumn 2013Multi Target LBR-O66
827Michael WilsonPhoenix 2007Multi Target SB66
546Glyn NowellPhoenix 2009Multi Target SB66
35Chris BarnettNationals 2016Multi Target SB66
1180Andrew JarmanFermoy 2010Multi Target SB66
3358Steve ChristianJSPC-Spring 2016Multi Target SB66
3701Jim BrownDerby 2017Multi Target LBP-O66
2624James ZwetslootSAW 2017Multi Target SB66
717Vince InmanNationals 2009Multi Target CF-C66
1013Richard PerrySAW 2014Multi Target LBR-O66
2738Sid RananawareAberdeen 2011Multi Target SB66
2966Tommy DavisIrish Open 2012Multi Target SB66
2196Liam SharkeyAberdeen 2009Multi Target SB67
2220Tom O'NeillNationals 2011Multi Target LBP-O67
3088A RobertsonJSPC-Autumn 2013Multi Target SB67
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