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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007T&P1 SB291
683Jim SmithAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1776Richard MartinAAW 2007Multi Target CF103
1287Peter CottonAAW 2007T&P1 SB288
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O283
1768Peter MatthewsAAW 2007Multi Target CF114
1612Laura LewisAAW 2007Phx A SB151
1522David PhinAAW 2007T&P1 SB284
1768Peter MatthewsAAW 2007T&P1 CF297
1411Brian GirlingAAW 2007T&P2 SB581
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007Multi Target SB108
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007Multi Target CF100
1287Peter CottonAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007Phx A CF185
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007Phx A SB170
90Norman BrownAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1102Ron SargentAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007T&P1 CF277
417Mike PearceAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O278
558Robert OwsiankaAAW 2007T&P2 CF593
393Chris PannellAAW 2007T&P2 CF587
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007Multi Target CF117
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007Multi Target CF113
296Dave HackettAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
748Graham TrimmerAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O99
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007Phx A SB49
1291Robert IlliusAAW 2007Phx A CF187
1776Richard MartinAAW 2007Phx A CF148
520Barry MorganAAW 2007Phx A CF186
543Dave NicholsonAAW 2007Multi Target CF106
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007Phx A SB168
1811Philip RileyAAW 2007T&P1 SB287
784Chris WebbAAW 2007T&P1 SB297
1057Andy SummersAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
839Russell WoodhamAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1837Marek PawlikAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
795Sutton YeungAAW 2007T&P1 CF284
711Paul StockillAAW 2007T&P1 SB296
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O268
748Graham TrimmerAAW 2007T&P1 LBP-O297
239Clive FergusonAAW 2007T&P2 CF595
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007T&P2 CF587
198Darren DigbyAAW 2007Multi Target SB115
1291Robert IlliusAAW 2007T&P2 CF589
198Darren DigbyAAW 2007Multi Target CF118
1264Gaynor ChineryAAW 2007T&P1 LBP-O257
1057Andy SummersAAW 2007Multi Target CF112
226Bill EllisAAW 2007Multi Target CF107
354Dave HoltAAW 2007Multi Target CF112
1742Aaron JamesAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O64
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O105
296Dave HackettAAW 2007Phx A SB193
520Barry MorganAAW 2007Multi Target CF98
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O86
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007Phx A CF192
30Alan BarkerAAW 2007Phx A CF189
717Vince InmanAAW 2007Phx A LBR-O160
180Ashley DaggerAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
1927Gary ClarkeAAW 2007Phx A CF85
283Doug GreenAAW 2007Phx A LBR-O170
810Alan WhittleAAW 2007Phx A CF190
683Jim SmithAAW 2007Phx A SB175
927Peter BlackbeeAAW 2007T&P1 SB290
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007T&P1 SB244
1346Phil SteadAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1353Mark DaveyAAW 2007T&P1 SB292
354Dave HoltAAW 2007T&P1 CF300
1287Peter CottonAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
906Teresa CarnallAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
1015Ollie DaggerAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
1347Lindsay CoppermanAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007T&P1 CF295
468John LynchAAW 2007T&P1 CF287
1291Robert IlliusAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
915John WoodwardAAW 2007T&P1 CF289
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007T&P1 SB298
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007T&P1 SB295
1611Chris LewisAAW 2007T&P1 SB293
1222Jason BrayAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O287
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007T&P2 SB565
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007T&P2 CF596
1837Marek PawlikAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O294
632John RobinsonAAW 2007T&P2 CF598
30Alan BarkerAAW 2007T&P2 CF583
783Peter WattsAAW 2007T&P2 LBR-O536
541Gerald NicholasAAW 2007T&P2 CF542
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007T&P2 CF524
1287Peter CottonAAW 2007Multi Target SB106
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007Multi Target SB84
1768Peter MatthewsAAW 2007T&P2 CF566
1347Lindsay CoppermanAAW 2007Multi Target SB96
1927Gary ClarkeAAW 2007T&P1 CF243
748Graham TrimmerAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O297
90Norman BrownAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O296
784Chris WebbAAW 2007Multi Target CF114
717Vince InmanAAW 2007Multi Target CF105
1353Mark DaveyAAW 2007Multi Target CF108
468John LynchAAW 2007Multi Target CF101
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007T&P1 SB288
783Peter WattsAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O110
510Phil MilsomAAW 2007Phx A SB161
711Paul StockillAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
711Paul StockillAAW 2007Phx A SB172
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007Phx A CF192
683Jim SmithAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
1772Terry FryAAW 2007Phx A CF188
558Robert OwsiankaAAW 2007Phx A CF193
90Norman BrownAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O112
510Phil MilsomAAW 2007Phx A CF178
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007Phx A CF183
1264Gaynor ChineryAAW 2007Phx A LBP-O145
408Jim JonesAAW 2007Phx A CF175
574Bruce PerryAAW 2007Phx A CF165
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007Phx A LBP-O123
283Doug GreenAAW 2007Phx A CF181
1057Andy SummersAAW 2007T&P1 SB299
1768Peter MatthewsAAW 2007Phx A CF170
558Robert OwsiankaAAW 2007Multi Target CF115
63Tony PhillipsonAAW 2007T&P1 SB294
496John McCueAAW 2007Phx A SB154
1264Gaynor ChineryAAW 2007Multi Target LBP-O56
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007T&P1 SB297
1611Chris LewisAAW 2007Phx A SB177
915John WoodwardAAW 2007Multi Target CF106
1808Soli LamAAW 2007Multi Target CF56
1612Laura LewisAAW 2007T&P1 SB286
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007T&P1 SB284
296Dave HackettAAW 2007T&P1 CF300
180Ashley DaggerAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
198Darren DigbyAAW 2007T&P1 CF300
1772Terry FryAAW 2007T&P1 CF300
1353Mark DaveyAAW 2007T&P1 CF300
408Jim JonesAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
711Paul StockillAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1780Lance PeltzAAW 2007T&P1 SB286
173Ron CrispinAAW 2007T&P1 CF296
393Chris PannellAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007T&P1 CF299
1412Amy PannellAAW 2007T&P1 SB280
558Robert OwsiankaAAW 2007T&P1 CF287
581John PilmerAAW 2007T&P1 CF298
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007T&P1 CF297
1864Philip DwyerAAW 2007T&P1 CF297
535Norman MurrayAAW 2007T&P1 CF293
164Phil CowlingAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O297
1776Richard MartinAAW 2007T&P1 CF291
345Roger HodgkinsAAW 2007T&P1 CF290
717Vince InmanAAW 2007T&P1 CF288
440Richard KnightAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O279
123Frank CarnellAAW 2007T&P1 CF267
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007T&P1 CF297
239Clive FergusonAAW 2007T&P1 LBP-O294
1022Stephen LambAAW 2007T&P2 SB574
393Chris PannellAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O296
541Gerald NicholasAAW 2007T&P1 CF296
717Vince InmanAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O290
296Dave HackettAAW 2007T&P2 CF596
1742Aaron JamesAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O249
296Dave HackettAAW 2007T&P2 SB585
871Mark GriffithsAAW 2007T&P2 SB546
520Barry MorganAAW 2007T&P2 CF577
1522David PhinAAW 2007T&P2 SB495
1772Terry FryAAW 2007T&P2 SB485
783Peter WattsAAW 2007T&P2 CF598
591Robin PrattAAW 2007T&P2 LBR-O346
1346Phil SteadAAW 2007T&P2 CF592
591Robin PrattAAW 2007T&P1 LBR-O250
1353Mark DaveyAAW 2007Multi Target SB108
1772Terry FryAAW 2007T&P2 CF574
810Alan WhittleAAW 2007T&P2 CF586
239Clive FergusonAAW 2007T&P2 SB579
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007Multi Target SB85
239Clive FergusonAAW 2007T&P2 LBP-O583
784Chris WebbAAW 2007Multi Target SB114
711Paul StockillAAW 2007Multi Target SB109
63Tony PhillipsonAAW 2007Multi Target SB105
296Dave HackettAAW 2007T&P1 SB298
777Alan WarnerAAW 2007Multi Target SB102
296Dave HackettAAW 2007Multi Target SB101
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007Multi Target SB91
198Darren DigbyAAW 2007T&P1 SB293
34Neil FrancisAAW 2007Multi Target CF117
1057Andy SummersAAW 2007Multi Target SB115
1347Lindsay CoppermanAAW 2007T&P1 SB287
1291Robert IlliusAAW 2007Multi Target CF115
783Peter WattsAAW 2007Multi Target CF115
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007Multi Target SB108
1921Jane ShieldsAAW 2007T&P1 SB276
673Mike ShieldsAAW 2007Multi Target CF114
1773Morne Van DalenAAW 2007Multi Target CF109
1927Gary ClarkeAAW 2007Multi Target CF60
1748Robert ForbesAAW 2007Multi Target CF85
1772Terry FryAAW 2007Multi Target CF114
74Sharon BowdenAAW 2007Multi Target CF104
1347Lindsay CoppermanAAW 2007Multi Target CF94
748Graham TrimmerAAW 2007Multi Target LBP-O109
393Chris PannellAAW 2007Multi Target CF112
90Norman BrownAAW 2007Multi Target CF116
1920Paul LincolnAAW 2007Multi Target LBR-O71
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