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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
2528Simon Rowe2011103M/L Free Rifle; 200y; Any11.00
2493Lyndon Collins2011203Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Prone11.00
2873Ernie Clark2012416Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone11.00
158Robin Cook2011540Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone11.00
201Ian Dixon2011613Open - Big Game Rifle; 110y; Standing11.00
3191Roger Ford2015465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing11.00
1550John Cox2014106M/L Service Rifle; 200y; Standing11.00
225Malvern Ellinor2013615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing12.00
3568Bjorn Andries2016405Any Classic Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
430Walter Keverne2010860Bobber Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing12.00
2439Bob Burdock2016465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing12.00
519Evan More2010625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone12.00
2777Nigel Atterbury2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing12.00
2458Eric Elmer2011106M/L Service Rifle; 200y; Standing12.00
1985Andrew White2012615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing12.00
1959Gary Dutton2016405Any Classic Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
2487L F Jackson2011253American - Buffalo Match; 600y; Prone12.00
1312Richard Green2013540Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
2930Geoffrey Young2012540Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
2533Roy Brocklehurst2013615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing12.00
3368Peter O'Brien2016624Sniper Civilian; 200y; Prone12.00
2543Adrian Forrest2014403Classic single shot Service Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2016841Any Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing12.00
2758David Balch2016209Vintage Service Rifle; 500y; Prone12.00
2331John Mead2014416Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
2515Carl Glaister2016611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing12.00
34Neil Francis2015872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing12.00
519Evan More2014624Sniper Civilian; 200y; Prone12.00
3590Martin Bomken2016524Veteran Service Rifle; 500y; Prone12.00
1208David Evans2011544Veteran Service Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone12.00
2502Uwe Hausler2013539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone12.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2015842Standard Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing12.00
2457Edward Burridge2015625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
2455They Linssen2016663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing13.00
3343Barry Graham2016544Veteran Service Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
2518Gordon Henshaw2016205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing13.00
2693Neil Saggers2011465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing13.00
2565Michael Matthews2011613Open - Big Game Rifle; 110y; Standing13.00
2443Michael Hunting2011108M/L Service Rifle; 500y; Prone13.00
1367Mike Greenfield2014119Muzzle-Loading Patched Ball; 200y; Standing13.00
1383David Staniland2015540Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
2528Simon Rowe2010251American - Offhand Match; 200y; Standing13.00
2496Jeff Abbishaw2014640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
2443Michael Hunting2010108M/L Service Rifle; 500y; Prone13.00
2496Jeff Abbishaw2010640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
1090Christopher Gray2014205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing13.00
2479Nigel Greenaway2012625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
1838Paul Hynds2010640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
1396Warren Midgley2012416Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
3343Barry Graham2016539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
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