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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
766Ian Waghorn2012408Classic Service Rifle; 500y; Prone40.00
2911Rene Schnappenat2012710Any Transitional Rifle; 200y; Prone46.03
2445Christopher Baker2012201Any Vintage Rifle; 200y; Prone43.02
2448Andrew Russell2012203Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Prone34.00
1929M Williams2012301Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A Service; 200y; Prone39.00
503Kjell Middleton2012506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone40.01
450David Lees2012506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone42.04
2473Griff Elliott2012302Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A Any; 200y; Prone37.00
2873Ernie Clark2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone35.01
1205Stephen East2012506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone48.07
2450Frank Fenning2012630Open - Target Rifle NRA .303 SR(b); 200y; Prone47.02
1959Gary Dutton2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone43.03
2758David Balch2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone42.00
2465Keith Ireland2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone34.00
2497Peter Newhouse2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone43.00
607Tim Read2012406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone32.00
2446Nick Doe2012663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing40.00
2464William Lander2012663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing30.01
2205Mark Silver2012470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing76.02
2502Uwe Hausler2012710Any Transitional Rifle; 200y; Prone48.02
1074Euan Munro2012505Any Veteran Rifle; 200y; Prone45.03
1705Les Foreman2012202Vintage Service S/Shot Large Bore; 200y; Prone44.01
796Linda Welsh2012204Vintage Service S/Shot Large Bore; 200y; Standing44.02
797Mike Welsh2012205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing28.00
106John Burnhill2012471Vintage B-L & Classic C/F Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing81.02
106John Burnhill2012472Open Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing60.01
2440H C Taylor2012202Vintage Service S/Shot Large Bore; 200y; Prone22.00
796Linda Welsh2012205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing37.00
1472Ian Hollingsworth2012505Any Veteran Rifle; 200y; Prone50.05
2464William Lander2012648Open - Pre 1946 L/A CF Repeater Slowfire; 200y; Any39.01
2446Nick Doe2012648Open - Pre 1946 L/A CF Repeater Slowfire; 200y; Any43.01
718William T B Syers2012405Any Classic Rifle; 200y; Prone45.01
2496Jeff Abbishaw2012640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone42.00
387Trevor Jackson2012410Classic Sporting Rifle Met Sights; 200y; Prone43.02
2479Nigel Greenaway2012635Hesketh Pritchard Military; 600y; Prone47.01
2479Nigel Greenaway2012720Hesketh Pritchard Sniper; 600y; Prone49.06
2349Carl Thorne2012720Hesketh Pritchard Sniper; 600y; Prone42.02
936David Hinchliff2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone32.01
1078Brian Bostwick2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone23.00
1986Dennis Barnfield2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone17.01
2192Neill Bates2012714Any Transitional Rifle; 600y; Prone47.06
2455They Linssen2012832Any Lever Action Repeating Rifle; 100m; Standing70.00
2521Lee O'Brien2012361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone196.07
73Fred Boulton2012461Classic Rook & Rabbit; 100m; Standing108.00
307Reg Hankey2012832Any Lever Action Repeating Rifle; 100m; Standing122.00
34Neil Francis2012834Sporting Rifle; 100m; Standing137.00
358William Horne2012884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing146.18
2130Hugh Frith2012864Repeating RF Gallery Rifle Manual Action; 25m; Standing186.03
309Roger Hardy2012823Rimfire Schutzen Rifle - Precision; 50m; Standing140.20
143Jonathan Clark2012400Classic 22 Target Rifle; 50m; Prone194.08
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