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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
2923Peter Jones2014714Any Transitional Rifle; 600y; Prone37.00
2923Peter Jones2014803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing91.00
2923Peter Jones2014805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing87.00
2923Peter Jones2014843Any L/Action Repeating Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing126.10
2927Anthony Alvarez2014843Any L/Action Repeating Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing103.05
2927Anthony Alvarez2014884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing137.09
2995Michael Ellis2014508Veteran Service Rifle Sniper Optical; 200y; Prone47.04
2995Michael Ellis2014541Enfield Minute; 200y; Prone22.00
2995Michael Ellis2014544Veteran Service Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone14.00
2997Carl Jackson2014506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone32.00
2997Carl Jackson2014541Enfield Minute; 200y; Prone34.00
2997Carl Jackson2014544Veteran Service Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone21.00
3007Byron Russell2014824Sporting Rifle - Precision; 50m; Standing124.09
3007Byron Russell2014865Bobber Gallery/Sporting Rifle; 25m; Standing179.03
3007Byron Russell2014886Advancing - RF Gallery Rifle Manual; 25m; Standing150.20
3048Simon Johnson2014804Any Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing80.00
3048Simon Johnson2014805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing74.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2014842Standard Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing23.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2014845Any CF Gallery Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing115.07
3054Warren Mazgaj2014881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing18.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2014882Advancing - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing37.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2014884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing136.10
3054Warren Mazgaj2014896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing47.02
3069Jan Daniells2014884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing129.11
3069Jan Daniells2014885Advancing - RF Gallery Rifle Semi Auto; 25m; Standing134.10
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014201Any Vintage Rifle; 200y; Prone27.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014208Any Vintage Rifle; 500y; Any9.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014253American - Buffalo Match; 600y; Prone10.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone36.01
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014408Classic Service Rifle; 500y; Prone18.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing20.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014648Open - Pre 1946 L/A CF Repeater Slowfire; 200y; Any37.01
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014649Open - Lever Action CF Repeater Rapid; 200y; Prn,Sit,Knl0.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014825Any CF Gallery Rifle - Precision; 50m; Standing113.08
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014835Any CF Gallery Rifle; 100m; Standing127.01
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014845Any CF Gallery Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing117.06
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014863Repeating CF Gallery Rifle; 25m; Standing181.03
3073Frank Verhulst2014406Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone43.01
3073Frank Verhulst2014408Classic Service Rifle; 500y; Prone39.00
3073Frank Verhulst2014416Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone1.00
3073Frank Verhulst2014450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone33.01
3073Frank Verhulst2014452Classic Service Rifle; 900y; Prone46.00
3074Stijn Vandamme2014506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone28.00
3074Stijn Vandamme2014523Any Veteran Rifle; 500y; Prone30.01
3074Stijn Vandamme2014524Veteran Service Rifle; 500y; Prone26.00
3074Stijn Vandamme2014530Veteran Service Rifle; 600y; Prone24.00
3074Stijn Vandamme2014538Veteran Service Rifle; 900y; Prone26.00
3074Stijn Vandamme2014539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone7.00
3075Roland Slabbinck2014506Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone45.00
3075Roland Slabbinck2014523Any Veteran Rifle; 500y; Prone32.00
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