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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
106John Burnhill2014471Vintage B-L & Classic C/F Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing60.01
106John Burnhill2016616Low Power Sporting Rifle <1496 ft lbs; 55y; Standing62.00
106John Burnhill2016601Open - .22 Sporting rifle - Running Boar; 55y; Standing129.00
106John Burnhill2011471Vintage B-L & Classic C/F Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing49.00
106John Burnhill2010615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing25.00
106John Burnhill2011470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing60.00
106John Burnhill2015615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing70.00
106John Burnhill2012470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing84.04
106John Burnhill2015420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing24.10
106John Burnhill2011611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing28.00
106John Burnhill2013472Open Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing79.00
106John Burnhill2014615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing76.05
106John Burnhill2014601Open - .22 Sporting rifle - Running Boar; 55y; Standing130.00
106John Burnhill2011402Classic Rook & Rabbit Rifle; 50m; Standing121.11
106John Burnhill2013601Open - .22 Sporting rifle - Running Boar; 55y; Standing116.00
106John Burnhill2013611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing35.00
106John Burnhill2014470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing74.02
106John Burnhill2013616Low Power Sporting Rifle <1496 ft lbs; 55y; Standing64.00
106John Burnhill2015470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing67.20
106John Burnhill2013420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing31.00
106John Burnhill2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing35.00
106John Burnhill2010888Advancing - Long Range L/A Rifle; 50m; Standing71.03
125Donald Carroll2010803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
125Donald Carroll2011803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing71.00
125Donald Carroll2012803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing77.00
125Donald Carroll2014803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing73.00
125Donald Carroll2010851Flintlock Pistol - Duelling; 25m; Standing36.00
125Donald Carroll2011851Flintlock Pistol - Duelling; 25m; Standing53.00
143Jonathan Clark2013667Open .22 Rimfire Rifle; 200y; Prone42.03
143Jonathan Clark2016836Any RF Gallery Rifle; 100m; Standing121.00
143Jonathan Clark2010361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone197.05
143Jonathan Clark2015665Open Rifle Military Miniature; 200y; Prone48.40
143Jonathan Clark2012833Rimfire Target Rifle; 100m; Prone197.07
143Jonathan Clark2010667Open .22 Rimfire Rifle; 200y; Prone42.01
143Jonathan Clark2015415Classic Miniature Target Rifle; 200y; Prone49.50
143Jonathan Clark2013361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone191.05
143Jonathan Clark2015464Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing31.00
143Jonathan Clark2016833Rimfire Target Rifle; 100m; Prone193.07
143Jonathan Clark2013415Classic Miniature Target Rifle; 200y; Prone40.02
143Jonathan Clark2013833Rimfire Target Rifle; 100m; Prone193.08
143Jonathan Clark2010500Any Veteran .22 Rimfire; 50m; Prone192.05
143Jonathan Clark2013414Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Standing30.01
143Jonathan Clark2012361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone195.05
143Jonathan Clark2015361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone197.70
143Jonathan Clark2013665Open Rifle Military Miniature; 200y; Prone34.01
143Jonathan Clark2015833Rimfire Target Rifle; 100m; Prone196.50
143Jonathan Clark2012667Open .22 Rimfire Rifle; 200y; Prone44.02
143Jonathan Clark2012400Classic 22 Target Rifle; 50m; Prone194.08
143Jonathan Clark2011361The Martini Target Match; 100m; Prone188.05
143Jonathan Clark2013400Classic 22 Target Rifle; 50m; Prone187.03
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