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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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2053N Morewood2011873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-50.00
2053N Morewood2012873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-36.00
1103Andrew Duffy2014872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-36.00
1697George Tondryk2012873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-27.00
1103Andrew Duffy2011872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-20.01
2558M Wagstaff2016873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-18.00
50Dave Berry2016873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-14.00
283Doug Green2012872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-12.00
1103Andrew Duffy2013872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-10.02
1103Andrew Duffy2011873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-10.01
326Jim Hawkins2012873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-9.02
2026Gordon Jones2011870Surrenden Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing-7.00
3081James Geering2013872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-7.00
2445Christopher Baker2011873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-5.01
1317Douglas Voak2015872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-4.10
1317Douglas Voak2013872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-3.00
2053N Morewood2014873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-2.00
34Neil Francis2016872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing-2.00
3363Jonathan Lake2015873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing-1.00
430Walter Keverne2011860Bobber Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing0.00
1312Richard Green2016117Musketoon Open Sights; 100m; Standing0.00
2488Neil Beeby2011940Classic S.R. Short Range Agg (406 & 465)0.00
1985Andrew White2010640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone0.00
1090Christopher Gray2011205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing0.00
3569James Black2016615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing0.00
2325Lee Millington2011624Sniper Civilian; 200y; Prone0.00
455Mike Licence2011100M/L Target Rifle; 200y; Prone0.00
225Malvern Ellinor2013613Open - Big Game Rifle; 110y; Standing0.00
2781Douglas Willey2011613Open - Big Game Rifle; 110y; Standing0.00
450David Lees2015625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone0.00
1090Christopher Gray2011234Any Vintage Rifle; 200y; Standing0.00
2765Malcolm Evans2011102M/L Service Rifle; 100y; Prone0.00
450David Lees2016836Any RF Gallery Rifle; 100m; Standing0.00
1697George Tondryk2014873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing0.00
798James West2014305Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A S/Snaps; 200y; Prone0.00
2469John Woollard2010108M/L Service Rifle; 500y; Prone0.00
3365Ian Black2015625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone0.00
2051Jennifer Winter2010625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone0.00
3072Joseph Kenneth Ball2014649Open - Lever Action CF Repeater Rapid; 200y; Prn,Sit,Knl0.00
1472Ian Hollingsworth2013640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone0.00
1985Andrew White2010640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone0.00
2461James de Courcy Scott2011640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone1.00
1838Paul Hynds2010646Open - Any Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone1.00
716Bob Sweet2012803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing1.00
106John Burnhill2012873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing1.00
2495Malcolm Jackson2010305Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A S/Snaps; 200y; Prone1.00
3220Graham Davison2014305Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A S/Snaps; 200y; Prone1.00
3073Frank Verhulst2014416Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone1.00
3220Graham Davison2014667Open .22 Rimfire Rifle; 200y; Prone1.00
1472Ian Hollingsworth2010646Open - Any Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone1.00
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