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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
2496Jeff Abbishaw2014640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
669Gary Shenton2012625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
2707Philip Cox2012305Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A S/Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
2443Michael Hunting2011108M/L Service Rifle; 500y; Prone13.00
2491Andrew Swann2010625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
3343Barry Graham2016539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
2496Jeff Abbishaw2016467Classic Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
1985Andrew White2010615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing13.00
848Rod Wylam2016611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing13.00
2053N Morewood2013873Surrenden - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing13.00
679Roy Singleton2012625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
2495Malcolm Jackson2010304Carbine & Short Rifle none L/A Rapid; 200y; Prone13.00
1367Mike Greenfield2014119Muzzle-Loading Patched Ball; 200y; Standing13.00
2455They Linssen2016663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing13.00
2440H C Taylor2014208Any Vintage Rifle; 500y; Any13.00
3191Roger Ford2014465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing13.00
1838Paul Hynds2010640Open - Agony Snaps; 200y; Prone13.00
2457Edward Burridge2015625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone13.00
2565Michael Matthews2011613Open - Big Game Rifle; 110y; Standing13.00
2692John Cookman2016611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing13.00
2381Krish Thirugnana-Moorthy2012253American - Buffalo Match; 600y; Prone13.00
2874Peter Bysshe2016539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
2470Anthony Fuller2010408Classic Service Rifle; 500y; Prone13.00
3343Barry Graham2016539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone13.00
310Alan Hargrave2013615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing13.00
2443Michael Hunting2010108M/L Service Rifle; 500y; Prone13.00
2560A D Milbourne2014625Sniper Military; 200y; Prone14.00
3054Warren Mazgaj2013842Standard Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing14.00
2930Geoffrey Young2012539Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone14.00
1611Chris Lewis2010647Open - CF Sniper Rifle Dbl Snaps; 200y; Prone14.00
3587Thomas Fergusson2016646Open - Any Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone14.00
2552Martin Taylor2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing14.00
430Walter Keverne2013814Shoulder Stocked Pistol - Precision; 50m; Standing14.00
1959Gary Dutton2011465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing14.00
335Keith Henderson2012209Vintage Service Rifle; 500y; Prone14.00
1580David Hamilton2011464Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing14.00
1078Brian Bostwick2016450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone14.00
1985Andrew White2010465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing14.00
2552Martin Taylor2010649Open - Lever Action CF Repeater Rapid; 200y; Prn,Sit,Knl14.00
1612Laura Lewis2010615Open - CF Military Rifle; 110y; Standing14.00
607Tim Read2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing14.00
2518Gordon Henshaw2011205Vintage Service S/Shot Medium Bore; 200y; Standing14.00
310Alan Hargrave2013611Open - Any Rifle Historic; 110y; Standing14.00
2995Michael Ellis2014544Veteran Service Rifle Dble Snaps; 200y; Prone14.00
2442Alfred McCauley2010647Open - CF Sniper Rifle Dbl Snaps; 200y; Prone14.00
2502Uwe Hausler2012540Veteran Service Rifle; 200y; Prone14.00
2452Baer Steegh2013103M/L Free Rifle; 200y; Any14.00
2921GKJ Chapman2012465Classic Rook & Rabbit; 200y; Standing14.00
2490Mark Williams2010530Veteran Service Rifle; 600y; Prone14.00
310Alan Hargrave2013420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing14.00
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