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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
225Malvern Ellinor2010889Advancing - Long Range .22 Rifle; 50m; Standing81.04
313Dermot Harman2014896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing81.05
430Walter Keverne2012896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing81.06
796Linda Welsh2015471Vintage B-L & Classic C/F Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing81.20
774James Walton2016802Smoothbore Flint Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
53Michael Bevan2016803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
125Donald Carroll2010803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
1836Doug Glaister2013803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
2026Gordon Jones2013803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
2451Hans Verstappen2014803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
2488Neil Beeby2015950Vet S.R. Short Range Agg (506 & 540)82.00
345Roger Hodgkins2012803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
716Bob Sweet2012805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
1345Terry Pearce2011805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.00
716Bob Sweet2011110Patched Ball Rifle1 Open Sights; 50y; Standing82.00
2516Derek Stimpson2010602Open - Double Rifle Large bore; 50y; Standing82.00
2458Eric Elmer2012110Patched Ball Rifle1 Open Sights; 50y; Standing82.01
766Ian Waghorn2011805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.01
2451Hans Verstappen2011805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.01
1836Doug Glaister2011805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.01
3570Michael Cutler2016862Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing82.01
332Dave Heath2010111Patched Ball Rifle2 Aperture Sights; 50Y; Standing82.01
1697George Tondryk2013802Smoothbore Flint Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.01
1836Doug Glaister2013805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.01
1697George Tondryk2014802Smoothbore Flint Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing82.02
1271Anne Milke2011952Any Veteran Rifle Agg (505, 523 & 528)82.03
1550John Cox2015111Patched Ball Rifle2 Aperture Sights; 50Y; Standing82.10
106John Burnhill2015471Vintage B-L & Classic C/F Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing82.20
796Linda Welsh2015470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing82.30
430Walter Keverne2015896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing82.50
179Adrian Dagger2015896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing82.60
553Colin Oswald2010804Any Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.00
103Peter Burdge2013852Single shot Percussion Pistol - Duelling; 25m; Standing83.00
103Peter Burdge2013852Single shot Percussion Pistol - Duelling; 25m; Standing83.00
553Colin Oswald2013804Any Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.00
242K Fitzgerald2015461Classic Rook & Rabbit; 100m; Standing83.00
1312Richard Green2016102M/L Service Rifle; 100y; Prone83.00
1312Richard Green2016803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.00
2516Derek Stimpson2016602Open - Double Rifle Large bore; 50y; Standing83.00
225Malvern Ellinor2011351The Century Match; 100m; Prone83.00
2451Hans Verstappen2011803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.00
53Michael Bevan2010803Target Pistol - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.00
2451Hans Verstappen2012805Standard Revolver - MLAGB; 25m; Standing83.01
106John Burnhill2012862Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing83.01
430Walter Keverne2014861Any Revolver; 25m; Standing83.01
2703James Stock2014110Patched Ball Rifle1 Open Sights; 50y; Standing83.01
53Michael Bevan2016852Single shot Percussion Pistol - Duelling; 25m; Standing83.01
309Roger Hardy2012470Rimfire Schutzen Rifle; 200y; Standing83.02
850Derek Yates2010889Advancing - Long Range .22 Rifle; 50m; Standing83.02
2488Neil Beeby2014940Classic S.R. Short Range Agg (406 & 465)83.02
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