England Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015

morne-2015The England Gallery Rifle Selection Committee take pleasure in announcing the fact that Morné van Dalen has been selected as the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for 2015. The retirement of Sophie West after one very eventful season prompted two nominations for Captain for the next session.

Both Morne and Alan Podevin are existing England shooters and both have gained a  fine reputation with their squad mates. The selection process was split right down the middle and could have gone either way.

As Alan told me:

Firstly I would like to congratulate Morné on becoming our Captain, if I hadn’t been nominated I surely would have voted for him. I’m sure he will do a superb job in the post and I will be happy to assist him in any way I can. May I thank whoever nominated me and all those who voted for me, it has been an honour to be thought of in such a capable light.

So – its congratulations to Morné and as he has indicated, next year will bring more fund raising in order to keep member costs down, more practice days, more head to head competitions and ultimately promotion of GR as the shooting sport of choice.

Neng-xx_logoeil Francis

English XX GR Rep

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