The Galleyrifle Handbook 2018

It is time over the next month to look at the gallery rifle book, a number of people, especially new shooters think the last version was to tasking on the grey cells, trying to decide which end of the book to look at, and some differences in general rules that contradict. I tend to agree from discussions with them. It is a book to cover all gallery rifle with a common set of rules for all the competitions and safety.

Courses of fire and rules specific to that CoF
Needs to Include the gallery rifle imperial times and what happens, very few buy the ‘bible’
Include the phoenix where running of events differ

All courses of fire to be in one section regardless of which of the shoots it takes place in.

Record score should be from all registered and approved competitions around the country so they will be National Records.
Am sure there will be some that disagree because the book and contents was their ‘baby’ but it has grown been added to over the years and in reality it’s time to have a rethink, the silent majority who have no opinion, and those who have ideas and can be bothered to put into print. The book goes out to clubs around the country and seen by probationary shooters, shooters that are still undecided about what direction to take, these need to be considered.

If you have a view, idea, or feel something needs clarification let me know asap.

Bad Ted George

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