GB win IGRF World Cup

IGRF LogoThe 25th Phoenix meeting, held over the long weekend of the 26th – 29th May at the National Shooting Centre, Bisley, also hosted the IGRF Word Cup.  This biennial event welcomes shooters from all IGRF nations to compete for the title of World Champion or Champions. There were both team events and individual events for these championships.

Team GB Squad

Back Row: K.Kilvington R.Wheeler K.Cox C.West J.Mossom Front Row: G.Bowden (Capt.) J.Cormie M.Beard A.Summers

For the team events smallbore (GRSB) and centrefire (GRCF) teams shoot head to head for the respective crowns. For the individual events the concurrent method of scoring is used whereby competitors individual scores are also utilized for the aggregate World Trophy events of GRSB, GRCF and GRCF Classic.

GB teams and shooters did exceptionally well – in fact all five trophies were presented to GB shooters – with the individuals being spread rather fairly across the three mainland nations.

  • The GRSB World Champion is Jake Mossom from England
  • The GRCF World Champion is Jonny Cormie from Scotland
  • The GRCF Classic World Champion is Rob Wheeler from Wales

For the team events GB captain Gary Bowden chose exceptionally strong teams

  • The GRSB Word Champions are Team GB – comprising of Keith Cox; Keith Kilvington; Chris West; Jonny Cormie and Jake Mossom
  • The GRCF World Champions are Team GB – comprising of Rob Wheeler; Johnny Cormie, Keith Cox, Chris West and Gary Bowden (overall teams captain)

Trophies presented to the World Champion shooters by IGRF President Daniel Blagojevic

World Champion – Rob Wheeler World Champion – Jonny Cormie World Champion – Jake Mossom
GB Team - CF GB Team SB
World Champions R.Wheeler J.Cormie K.Cox G.Bowden(Capt) C.West World Champions K.Cox K.Kilvington C.West J Cormie J.Mossom

Results for the above matches and all of the 25th Phoenix meeting can be found elsewhere in the usual places.

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