GR&P Rankings

The current Gallery Rifle Ranking tables stand as produced immediately after the Chelmsford Spring meeting. The next national competition is the GR Nationals – 5-6 September. The rankings traditionally show a full rolling season and this currently stands at 19 potential meetings to attend. With he loss of the majority of the 2020 season rather than remove the ten meetings that have fallen victim the situation we are in the rankings will be listed on the basis of 19 meetings until we naturally catch up with the natural schedule. This probably won’t be until the end of 2021.

Results for Nationals 2020 will be processed as usual and SAW 2019 will be dropped out. The next shoot is SLG Bisley 2020. When that results set is processed ATSC 2019 will be aged out.

Historically just three events were chosen to rank – T&P1, Multi-Target and the 1500. This was because these three events are used for national and international events respectively. More recently the 1020 has been added.  There is no reason why results from all events can’t be processed and ranked but the simple formula if just taking the best 4 scores sometimes falls over due to the more limited interest matches not offering enough opportunities to register a score. If anyone has any suggestions how to fairly deal with these let me know.


Classified Event Rankings

All Events Rankings



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