Holsters and LBPs

The GR&P discipline do not make massive use of holsters. They are used in the following events within a course of fire:

  • T&P2
  • 1500
  • T&P3
  • 1020
  • Phoenix A (although not really relevant as the start condition is always empty chamber)

Holsters can be used in other events as convenient holding device – in these cases they are not part of the course of fire.

In the case of LBPs current rulings for the above events state the start position as “holstered, slide forward, safety catch applied”. Depending on the type of pistol people use this may result in the hammer being down or locked back in the cocked position. In all cases, and this is the point, there is assumed to be a loaded round in the chamber.

Commencement of the appropriate course of fire can continue by releasing the safety catch and carrying on.

We have been asked to change the start position to “holstered, slide forward on an empty chamber”. Commencement of the appropriate course of fire under this start condition would mean racking the pistol before the first shot can be fired.

Why? Well we are told safety is paramount and we are told that unless a particular shooting discipline is not being conducted under one to one RO-ing  – as in the case on most GR&P events – holstering an LBP with an empty chamber is really the only option we have. [As an addendum to this its been pointed out that our rules have actually always been incorrect. For these events pistols should never be in holsters with a round in the chamber.]

Some may have already noticed the Bianchi is run under 1-1 RO-ing conditions so this will remain unchanged however the proposal for all other events is to amend the start position for LBP events to holstered, slide forward on an empty chamber. We are not particularly unusual adopting this rule – many other countries do so in the likes of the 1500 events.

I need feedback on this ASAP as I’m re-writing sections of the rule book now.

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