Leave the Irish guns alone!

Irish ShootersMark Dennehy, an Irish ISSF shooter, has penned a concise reaction to the recent Irish report from the Department of Justice and Equality / An Garda Síochána Working Group on Review of Firearms Licensing. Its worth reading.

The Gardai published a new copy of the “Commissioners Guidelines” and The Department of Justice published the “Working Group on Review of Firearms Licensing Report, November 2014” very recently.

It has the potential of decimating most target shooting in Ireland.

In the Gallery Rifle community we spend a great amount of time enjoying the company of and competing against our friends and sporting colleagues in Ireland every year. I think we’d all agree the Phoenix meeting would not be the same without the guys from the Emerald Isle and and the NASRPC Irish Open is enjoyed by many a touring Brit.

The Sports Coalition has asked people to join their campaign and offer support to their petition.

Please offer support – do what you can.

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