National Ranking Update

RankingsThe latest ranking tables are now available and include scores up to Basildon.

The rankings are calculated on a 12 month rolling calender, for example, Basildon 2012 results dropped off to be replaced by Basildon 2013. At the end of the season AAW, we will end up with the ranking table for the year. Also at any time in the year you can see your national ranking, just like all other sports. The column at the end shows how many matches everyone has entered, so if its 3, enter one more and you will move up the table.

The top 4 scores in the rolling 12 months are used for the table.

Historic data did not have the x count, therefore some people will notice that they have no x’s  for last year. In future all matches will show the x count in the table. Where there are ties at the top of a table scores have been entered manually to show who is currently ranked No1.

This is the first year for this so there are bound to be teething trouble, if you spot something, let me know and I’ll do my best to sort it.

Neil Robo

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