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Derby Open 2021 – Results

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The 2021 Derby Open results are now posted. Any mistakes or challenges by Wednesday 7th July. Derby 2021 Open Results

Phoenix Records 2021

A number of new Phoenix Records were set in 2021. Congratulations to all. Any missed please let me know.

Comp No. Event Name Score X Count
121 25m Precision LBP Jonny Cormie 291 10
501 America Match GRSB Derek Morris 292 11
521 America Match LBP Steve Lane 279 5
1021 T&P3 LBP Paul Lacey 242 0
1022 T&P3 LBR Paul Lacey 239 0
1135 Multi-Target SGM Rob Sanders (on countback) 115 10
1136 Multi-Target SGSA Adam Chapman 118 15
1304 Phoenix A GRCF Classic Keith Kilvington 195 18
1524 1500 LBP Irons Jake Mossom 1465 67
1602 1020 GRCF John Robinson 1020 89
1621 1020 LBP Steve Lane 1015 71
1821 WA 48 LBP Neil Francis 480 38
2621 NRA Rapid Fire LBP Steve Lane 288 6
4302 Granet GRCF Lee Townsend 300 22
4704 Imperial Silhouettes GRCF Classic Keith Kilvington 294 12
4904 Surrenden GRCF Classic Keith Kilvington 252 10
5134 100yd Shotgun Glenn Isaacs 35 1
5142 100yd Black Powder Revolver Mark Luther 38 0
5321 100/200yd LBP Phil Milnes 98 12
5791 100/200/300yd Srv Rifle post 1955 William Ellis 133 11
5986 400/500/600yd F Class Open Rifle Patrick Allen 224 28
5987 400/500/600yd Black Powder Cart Michael Haselgrove 135 7
5988 400/500/600yd FTR Rifle Simon Gambling 221 14
6501 McQueen GRSB Dave McGill 50 10
6507 McQueen Issued GRSB Jeremy Derenne 49 6

The Aberdeen Wapinschaw Postponement

Please note the Aberdeen Wapinschaw Gallery Rifle competition originally scheduled for the 11th – 13th June has been postponed to the 1st – 3rd October.



Basildon 2021

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Basildon 2021

The first classified competition for 2021 will be the Basildon Open. 30 April – 2 May.


Phoenix 2021 Range Crew

Without dedicated volunteers the Phoenix and may other competitions would not be able to field the amount of competitors wanting to take part. You can help out for as little as half a day, or if you fancy it – the whole weekend!

Volunteer your Services

The 2021 Competitive Calendar

The full Calendar of Events is always kept up to date however the current situation we find ourselves in mean there will probably be cancellations and postponements. A number of events have been lost from the originally published calendar which some people may have from mid January.

Cancellations so far for 2021

6-7 Mar: CRC Spring Meeting – Chelmsford

27-28 Mar: Spring Action Meeting – Bisley

10-11 Apr: ATSC GR&P Open Meeting – Bisley

17-18 Apr: ATSC ISSF/BP Open Meeting – Bisley

2 May: The Mattersey Open

15-16 May: JSPC Spring Open – Galashiels

31 May: IGRF International 1500 Phoenix match – Bisley

The 2021 GB Gallery Rifle Squad

The 2021 Great Britain Gallery Rifle Gallery Squad is announced.

GB Gallery Rifle international matches are held at Bisley, Ireland and Germany on an annual basis. The team also traveled to South Africa in 2019 to compete in the IGRF World Cup.


Gary Bowden (Captain)
Phil Wood (Vice Captain)
Chris West
Jake Mossom
Steve Lamb
Keith Kilvington
Peter Watts
Morné Vandalen
David Guest
Jonny Cormie
Jim Starley
Robert Tonner
Robert Wheeler
Fraser Hay
Andrew Summers
Gerry Betteridge
Norman Veitch
Mel Beard
Keith Cox


Jacky Lamb (Adjutant)
Jim Smith (Fund Raising)
Anita Bowden (Fund Faising)
Neil Francis (IT and Social Media)
Dave Holt (Armourer)
Ash Dagger (Gallery Rifle Rep)

GB Gallery Rifle Team Fundraising

gb-gr-logoThe Great Britain Galley Rifle team has teamed up with EasyFundraising to raise some funds for the team. Whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be raising free donations for Great Britain Gallery Rifle Team with Easyfundraising!

There are over 4,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation – including well known retailers like eBay, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS, and M&S – and it won’t cost you a penny extra to help us raise funds.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the EasyFundraising site via this link and join for free.
  2. Every time you shop online, go to Easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.
  3. After you’ve checked out, the retailer will make a donation to the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Team at no extra cost to you whatsoever.

There are no catches or hidden charges and Great Britain Gallery Rifle Team will be really grateful for your donations.

Thank you for your support.

Team GB

Trafalgar Results and Archives

The 2020 Trafalgar results are now finalized and published. The historic Trafalgar scores database has also been updated. This only goes back to 2010 but this year’s results now mean there are 10  years of archive scores for the interested to peruse – over 11,200 entries.

Although the Trafalgar is a Classics and Historics meeting there is plenty of Galley Rifle shooting offered. The Spirit of the Original adheres of course but GR shooters should not overlook it. Some photos are shared on the Facebook platform for the Saturday and Sunday.


Final GR&P Ranking Tables of 2020

The Final Ranking Tables for (almost) all and classified events have been updated. Due to the social lockdowns the final bounding scores are Basildon 2019 and the recently completed AAW 2020 inclusive. This gives a maximum meeting count of 19 – about what we have in a normal season.

The final meeting of the 2020 season was the AAW 2020 at Bisley. The two November meetings at Chelmsford and Shepton Mallet (FDPC) have had to be cancelled.

The nominal ranking order list is still best 4 scores to count over a season. For all events this is sometimes hard to achieve as not all meetings offer all events. A ‘Raw Average’ column has been added which will indicate how people are averaging with 4 or less scores recorded. Note the RawAvg is an arithmetic average – not a <Score>.<Xcount> average which is the case in the in the ‘Best4‘ column.

Ranking Table – Classified Events

Ranking Table – All Events


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NRA GR&P Representative – Ash Dagger

By way of introduction to all you Gallery Rifle shooters out there….. I’m now the proud holder of the title “NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol Rep” on the NRA Council. My aim is simple; to continue to promote and develop our sport, and represent you all in the Gallery Rifle discipline.

As some of you will know, I’ve been active in GR since it’s inception, and proudly shot with and Captained the GB GR teams. However, whilst remaining a competitor, I’m not as competitive as I’d now like to be and I’m happy to put my energies into a slightly different direction, supporting the wider GR community.

I’m going to be ably supported by a small but dedicated team in the GR Sub-Committee to focus on various aspects of GR including developing Juniors, and training more RO’s. I’ll be at Bisley for most GRAW weekends and other shoots. Feel free to hunt me down on Melville or Butt Zero, if you want to discuss any aspect of GR. In fact, as a starter for 10, please come and shoot the matches !

Remember – GR is our sport; we are the active element of the NRA, so please support our efforts to ensure GR remains safe, enjoyable and as popular as it can be, in a changing world.

Thank you.


The 2020 Budleigh Farm Rimfire Festival

Just to let you all know that the Rimfire Festival on the 3rd and 4th of October is still on.
As it is a private shooting competition with no spectators and we are using equipment which has been licenced by a public body (i.e. an FAC) we are exempt from the rule of 6. We will also be increasing our Covid 19 precautions in line with the current legislation and these will be emailed to participating shooters shortly before the event (as they seem to be changing on a daily basis)
The Saturday afternoon is almost full now but there are still spaces available for the Sunday, morning and afternoon, but to secure a slot you MUST book via the online form below:
Some of you still have a credit from the cancelled Steel Challenge which we will hold over, however, if you previously sent a Cheque these were not presented and are now out of date. So a new payment should be made.
I will email everyone with the final squadding list during the week before the shoot just in case any entries have been overlooked and so you can check if I have had to move you from your chosen day (I will try and keep those travelling together or from the same club together in shooting groups)
Please bare with us as we deal with the restrictions during these challenging times and remember that your safety, both on and off the shooting range, is our top priority and help us continue to enjoy our sport.
Hope to see you soon

Gallery Rifle & Pistol Intro Course

This course will introduce you to specific techniques needed for Gallery Rifle and Pistol shooting at a Club level, as well as providing guidance to those wishing to progress into competitive shooting.  The Course will involve both classroom and practical range work with expert coaching from National and International level shooters.

Saturday 10th October 2020

More information available on the NRA web site.

Enter online or download an application form 

GR Rankings

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GR&P Rankings

The current Gallery Rifle Ranking tables stand as produced immediately after the Chelmsford Spring meeting. The next national competition is the GR Nationals – 5-6 September. The rankings traditionally show a full rolling season and this currently stands at 19 potential meetings to attend. With he loss of the majority of the 2020 season rather than remove the ten meetings that have fallen victim the situation we are in the rankings will be listed on the basis of 19 meetings until we naturally catch up with the natural schedule. This probably won’t be until the end of 2021.

Results for Nationals 2020 will be processed as usual and SAW 2019 will be dropped out. The next shoot is SLG Bisley 2020. When that results set is processed ATSC 2019 will be aged out.

Historically just three events were chosen to rank – T&P1, Multi-Target and the 1500. This was because these three events are used for national and international events respectively. More recently the 1020 has been added.  There is no reason why results from all events can’t be processed and ranked but the simple formula if just taking the best 4 scores sometimes falls over due to the more limited interest matches not offering enough opportunities to register a score. If anyone has any suggestions how to fairly deal with these let me know.


Classified Event Rankings

All Events Rankings



The 2020 GR&P National Open Championships


The 2020 GR&P Nationals will run on the original advertised weekend – 5-6 September 2020. Various modifications to the format of the competition will be in place for obvious reasons and will be provided to competitors and Range Officers nearer the time.

Range crew – as usual – will be required. Please volunteer if you can – its great fun

Please volunteer your services for RO the Nationals

For more details and entry forms (due out Wednesday 29th July) see…

NRA Web Site