Pistols and their Divisions

lbr-1Whatever we do here – we’ll be dammed I suspect….

The LBR and LBP situation is similar to current GRSB and GRCF for the seven classified events we run on the circuit. Classes of X, A and B are applied to the pistols. Any sights can be used on pistols but its been suggested that LBRs should have an Iron Sights (or classic) class similar to GRCF.

This was received with general acceptance by the GR sub-committee as revolver shooting has that legacy of the ‘au naturel’ and many revolver shooters even now simply don’t shoot any other other way.

So we split off a 4th class, which is (relatively speaking) easy enough to do, but the result is even more salami slicing of the LBR shooting divisions. We now end up with an iron sights only class and any sights classes in X/A/B divisions.

Add to this the ‘us too’ follow on request from LBP aficionados when the above request started to get around and its a similar story here as well.

So – here is the proposal for 2015 – for the pistols.

Two classes only to be run for both types of pistol:

    • Iron Sights – LBR and LBP
    • Any sights – LBR and LBP

As simple as that.



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