Pre Season Virtual T&P1 Inter-club Competition


Published below are results for full team scores sent in. The current situation we find ourselves in means there is little point in continuing this at the moment. Full set of individual scores can be found here.

This was an aggregate of a T&P1 SB and a T&P1 CF. Individual shooter’s scores for both totalled and (for teams of 5) lowest score dropped. Max score per team 2400.240

1 2398.168 Aldershot Arthritic
2 2395.156 Team Sigma
3 2394.156 Ham and Eggs
4 2388.150 Frome Feathers
5 2386.132 Team Harbour House
6 2385.124 Aldershot Athletic
7 2381.137 Two Rivers
8 2381.123 JSPC Blue
9 2363.096 Bristol & District
10 2352.000 LMR A
11 2350.093 Ham and Chips
12 2342.092 Teignbridge and District
13 2339.102 Aberdeen RPC
14 2318.084 Louisa Centre
15 2313.000 LMR B

A pre season virtual club competition is proposed.

A team competition

We are looking for teams of 5 shooters from any local club to enter a friendly pre-season Timed and Precision 1 (T&P1) event which can be shot in the comfort of your own club. Each shooter to submit a GRCF T&P1 score and a GRSB T&P1 score. Scores from all shooters will be summed and the lowest score dropped to produce a total team score out of 2400 points.

Shoot your matches any time between now and the deadline (see below).

General rules below

  • Teams of 5 shooters from each club required. If a club can muster more than one team of 5 – even better
  • Each shooter to shoot a GRCF competition and a GRSB competition
  • Scores from each shooter’s GRCF and GRSB target will be summed to produce a score out of 600
  • All individual scores summed and the lowest score dropped to produce a total score out of 2400
  • Shoot the events any time between now and the deadline
  • Scores Submission deadline – 1st March 2020 25th March 2020
  • Results published when all scores are in.

Submit teams now – someone has volunteered to admin the comp.

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