Proposed GR&P Classifications for 2020

The Classification methodology for GR&P is defined on the  Classifications page. They have always been based on highest achieved score for a particular gun type for a specific event.

One problem we have is there is no process for demotion. Once you hit a bullet score that class is where you stay. Apart from class break point reviews which do happen from time to time cementing people into a particular class has one or two flaws which have been recognised over the years.

It has been proposed that the classification system be changed from an all time historic record into a five year seasonal rolling window. So whichever class you are in for a particular gun type and event will be directly related to your recent (5 year) performance in that event and gun type.

There is no real reason not to introduce this method. However comments and opinions from the community are sought. If this rolling 5 year window had have been implemented for the 2019 season there is a spreadsheet linked here to illustrate how it would have impacted all shooters with a classification on the GRID.

GR&P Class Comparisons

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