Summary of Rule and Event Conditions Changes for 2013

RulesRule changes are all in the GR&P book indicated with the margin bars. There are no major changes and some rules have been clarified more than anything. Summary of the changes are listed here.

Foot fault lines

Foot fault lines and their use have been clarified. Foot fault lines can be parallel to or perpendicular to the targets – the latter being the case when shooting around a post or barricade. Generally feet can be on but not over a line.


Competitors shoot around a barricade or post. Foot fault lines are back from the the leading edge of the barricade – perpendicular to the target. Use of these foot fault lines is as described above and in the book.

Targets and target boards.

No decoration of targets and target boards with random bits of anything. Targets can and will be identified by numbers and possible colour coding only.

Event Specific changes

America Match

Practice 1 is now 10 shots in 10 minutes (as opposed to 5 shots in 5 minutes shot twice)


Dropped ammunition, magazines or speedloaders may not be picked up.


Only two magazines, speedloaders or moon-clips may be used throughout the whole event (changed from unlimited).  Dropped ammunition, magazines or speedloaders may not be picked up. Ammunition can only be carried in a pocket or belt pouch that you can get a hand into. No artificial inserts, sleeves, holders or stiffeners of any type allowed. Loose in a pocket means loose.

Multi Target

Tie break rules amended – greatest number of Xs in the event followed by greatest number of 5s, 4s, 3s, 2s… followed by highest bullet score on the left hand target, highest number of Xs on the left hand target.

Multi-Target 3

Dropped ammunition, magazines or speedloaders may not be picked up.

Bianchi – Barricades

Barricade shooting area foot fault lines clarified in the book.

Bianchi – Los-Alimitos

Course of fire for the Los Alamitos match completely overhauled.

Granet, Imperial Silhouettes, Timed, Standard Pistol

Malfunction allowances removed

Target Shotgun

Some events renames, some events split into gun types. (Events 0735, 0736, 0737, 1135, 1136, 3335, 3336)

Long Range Pistol

Some events have been removed. Some events have been renamed. Some minor rule changes applied. (Events 5563, 5565, 5566, 5792, 5767, 5968,, 5969, 6168)

Fullbore Rifle

.303 rifle events split into “as issued” and “any” (Events 5784, 5792, 5984, 5992, 6184, 6192)

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