Steels at the AAW

Some feedback from the community requested from old Slky Smooth on what you want from the Steels at the AAW in October.

Range hire is based on presumed 100% occupancy. As such the cost base for the shoot will assume that if we weren’t there, other shooters could and would be using every firing point.

The NRA do not want to stop any of the competitions however, in the medium to long term we must look to break even, ideally we should be looking to make a profit.

Some of you may be aware that there will be no Bianchi at the Autumn meet due to lack of shooters at the August shoot. We are not currently under threat but if we do not do something to increase numbers of shooters/challenges shot we may also be at risk. To this end I will be producing a flyer which I hope you can display at your local clubs.

For the Autumn meet we have been moved to the mover bay on butt zero and the barricade bay.

I have been asked to redesign the steels to shoot on these two bays, which is what I am currently doing. The width of both bays and the fact that we will have no one on either of our flanks may

allow for at least one stage being substantially wider. We may also have to double up on one of the stages. I will only really know when I have viewed the space in person.

Also, space permitting I intend to set up the duelling/swingball tree, this will be available in two formats;

Two people shooting against each other. 22 only
As a solo speed shoot (times will be recorded for the solo shoot and may become an event, if popular enough). 22 only

Both run as pay and play.

I am also attempting to bring back the snooker layout. Again pay and play.

A Man V Man could possibly be held during the lunch hour. Remote reset on plates would reduce it to a circa 40 min run time.

22 of your choice.

I need to have an indication of who wants to shoot this as it is limited to 16 people.

Start position and COF to follow.

To try and attract the “practical boys”. Change start position for LBR LBP to holstered, hands on ears. Persons not confident in drawing from holster will continue to start from 45 degrees but 10 second will be added to their overall time. This equates to 1 second per scoring run, this time has been determined by myself and my son trialing the difference between holstered and 45 degrees.

Get back to me with your thoughts please

Steve Smoothy


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