The 2020 Chelmsford Spring Action Weekend

Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th March 2020

Enter on-line below

(Note – Sunday is filling up fast but I may be able to get some additional details in if required. Contact me for details if you think you are going to need a lot of time on Sunday)

The 2020 Chelmsford Spring Action Weekend

  • Shooting will be Saturday and Sunday. Prize-giving will follow immediately afterwards

    Locate your GRID here.

  • The WA48; £7 per entry

  • TP1 Events; £7 per Entry

  • Multi-Target Events; £7 per entry

  • T&P3; £7 per Entry

  • 1020: £7 per Entry

  • Comments

  • Totals

    • I am not a prohibited person within the meaning of Section 21, Firearms Act 1968 or a Home Office approved club. I will be shooting as a full member of that club or the NRA.
    • I agree that my personal and shooting details may be stored on a computer and that results and classifications may be published on the internet and elsewhere.
    • I agree to abide by the rules of the National Rifle Association, and of the meeting and I accept the decisions of the Match Director and Meeting Committee as final.
    • I must at no time contravene any conditions of my FAC.
    • I understand the risks of the sport, and enter at my own risk, with no liability upon the club.
    • I must wear Eye and Ear protection, as a condition of entry.

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