T&P2 Pistol Matches – Timing Changes

A suggestion that stage one of the T&P2 match for pistols – which is 6 shots in 5 seconds – from the holster, is a little unrealistic to be able to get well aimed shots off. Its at 10m but , even so, to acquire the target, (release the safety catch), get a decent sight picture and then get 6 shots off is still more of a spray and pray issue rather than any sort of target shooting at a closer range.

T&P2 for LBR and LBP is not a very popular event. A count of only 9 shooters at the 2014 Phoenix meeting for LBP and 4 for LBR means that any timing changes are not going to impact anything too onerously.

On that basis the 10m timings for T&P2 pistol matches will change for the 2015 season to 6 shots in 8 seconds – shot twice. All other timings will remain the same.

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