Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables

The rankings are calculated on a 12 month rolling calendar basis. At the end of the season, currently the FDPC Rimfire Festival, we will end up with the ranking table for the clear calendar year. At any time in the year you can see your national ranking.

The top 4 scores in the rolling 12 months are used for the table. If you do not have 4 scores registered in the rolling window you will not be in the competitive section of the tables. This problem easy to fix of course…..

[The 2020 Gallery Rifle Ranking Tables]

[See also per event Positions]


[Final 2020 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2019 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2018 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2017 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2016 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2015 Ranking Tables]

[Final 2014 Ranking Tables]



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