GR&P Rulebook and Phoenix Handbook 2015












The Handbook is in the usual format again for 2015. Thanks to all our sponsors and advertisers, contributors, proof readers, checkers and generally interested parties. There is bound to be the odd error or typo. If you find any please let us know via the usual channels.


The handbook is available in the following electronic formats:


Errors have been found in the printed edition of the booklet and are detailed below. Electronic copies as linked via this site and the NRA website have been corrected.

PP 121:

100/200/300 yds – Course of Fire for competition 5685 is completely incorrect, Should read as per the attachment

100/200/300 yds – 5685 – Sporting Rifle

PP 128:

200yds RIFLE – Event numbers 6301, 6302, 6303 and 6304 omitted. Course of fire for these events as below:

200 yards – Rifle – 6301, 6302, 6303 and 6304

PP 129:

McQueen – 6581: Any GSRB et al. should be 6501: Any GSRB

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