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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201725m Precision CF-C293
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201750m Precision CF272
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201750m Precision CF-C272
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017America Match CF279
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017T&P1 SB290
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017T&P1 CF-C299
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017Multi Target SB106
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2017Multi Target CF109
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013T&P1 SB298
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013Multi Target SB112
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF113
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB245
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013T&P1 SB298
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013T&P1 CF299
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013Multi Target SB115
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013Multi Target CF116
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013Adv Target SB244
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2013T&P1 SB296
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2013T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2013Multi Target SB107
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2013Multi Target CF110
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2014T&P1 SB290
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2014T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2014Multi Target SB107
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2014Multi Target CF113
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB296
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF288
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB108
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF102
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey 2010T&P1 SB295
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey 2010T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey 2010Multi Target SB109
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey 2010Multi Target CF119
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010T&P1 SB283
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010Multi Target SB109
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010Multi Target CF113
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey 2010Bianchi SB1670
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010T&P1 SB295
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010Multi Target SB104
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010Multi Target CF110
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Ten 2011T&P1 SB298
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Ten 2011T&P1 CF280
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Ten 2011Multi Target SB113
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Ten 2011Multi Target CF110
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Ten 2011Bianchi CF1837
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2011T&P1 SB288
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2011T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2011Multi Target SB104
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015T&P1 SB293
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015T&P1 CF-C299
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015Multi Target SB114
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015Multi Target CF117
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 SB295
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF-C300
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB108
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target CF116
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target CF-C119
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB293
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF299
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF-C297
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB107
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF115
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF-C110
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2016T&P1 SB297
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2016T&P1 CF300
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2016Multi Target SB112
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2016Multi Target CF110
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2016Multi Target CF-C116
2023Chris ThompsonSAW 2009America Match CF282
2023Chris ThompsonSAW 2009America Match SB269
2023Chris ThompsonMattersey Bianchi 2015Multi Target CF-C113
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 200925m Precision SB258
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 200925m Precision CF298
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2009America Match SB273
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2009America Match CF283
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201025m Precision SB254
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201025m Precision CF299
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010America Match SB278
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2010America Match CF283
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 201025m Precision CF297
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 201050m Precision CF284
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010America Match SB273
2023Chris ThompsonAAW 2010America Match CF289
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201125m Precision CF299
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201150m Precision CF275
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2011America Match SB275
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2011America Match CF278
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201125m Precision CF296
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201150m Precision CF280
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2011America Match CF283
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201225m Precision CF295
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201250m Precision CF275
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2012America Match SB270
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2012America Match CF285
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201225m Precision CF297
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201250m Precision CF279
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2012America Match SB278
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2012America Match CF277
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201325m Precision CF287
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201350m Precision CF272
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013America Match SB281
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2013America Match CF270
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201325m Precision CF296
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 201350m Precision CF268
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013America Match SB272
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2013America Match CF288
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201450m Precision SB285
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 201450m Precision CF277
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014America Match SB275
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014America Match CF285
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB246
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2014T&P1 SB298
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2014T&P1 CF299
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2014Multi Target SB110
2023Chris ThompsonDerby 2014Multi Target CF111
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2014T&P1 SB297
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2014T&P1 CF299
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2014Multi Target SB109
2023Chris ThompsonNationals 2014Multi Target CF102
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB292
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF298
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF-C299
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB113
2023Chris ThompsonPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF99
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2012T&P1 CF296
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2012T&P2 CF489
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2012Multi Target CF115
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 2009T&P1 CF259
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 2009Multi Target CF109
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 2009Adv Target CF164
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 2008T&P1 CF298
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 20081500 CF149
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 2008Adv Target CF127
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2014Multi Target CF114
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2014T&P1 CF298
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2014T&P2 CF458
2027Keith ShawWCSA Open 2017T&P1 CF299
2027Keith ShawWCSA Open 2017Multi Target CF101
2027Keith ShawWestern Winner 2011T&P1 CF297
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 200925m Precision CF290
2027Keith ShawPhoenix 200950m Precision CF272
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB256
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2009Adv Target SB263
2028Steve FraserDerby 20091500 SB1359
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2008Adv Target SB258
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2013Adv Target SB256
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2011Adv Target SB253
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2012Adv Target SB231
2028Steve FraserDerby 20081500 SB1281
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2016Adv Target CF154
2028Steve FraserPhoenix 2010Adv Target SB240
2028Steve FraserDerby 2010T&P1 SB275
2030Adam VendettuoliPhoenix 2008Bianchi SB1279
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 2016T&P1 SB276
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF278
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 2016Multi Target SB89
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF99
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 20161500 SB1268
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 201425m Precision SB287
2032Sara TaketWelsh Open 201425m Precision CF276
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 20111500 SB1278
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 20111500 LBP-O1358
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011T&P1 SB267
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011T&P1 LBP-O278
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011T&P2 SB476
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011T&P2 LBP-O520
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011Multi Target SB89
2032Sara TaketStourport 2011Multi Target LBP-O84
2032Sara TaketStourport 20111500 SB1126
2032Sara TaketStourport 20111500 LBP-O1267
2032Sara TaketDerby 2011T&P1 SB260
2032Sara TaketDerby 2011T&P2 SB547
2032Sara TaketDerby 20111500 SB1187
2032Sara TaketSAW 20121500 SB1290
2032Sara TaketSAW 20121500 LBP-O1283
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2012T&P1 SB271
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2012T&P1 LBP-O260
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2012T&P2 SB514
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 2012T&P2 LBP-O428
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 20121500 SB1347
2032Sara TaketPhoenix 20121500 LBP-O1413
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 20121500 SB1362
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 20121500 LBP-O1361
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012T&P1 SB289
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012T&P1 LBP-O278
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012T&P2 SB513
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012T&P2 LBP-O531
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012Multi Target SB95
2032Sara TaketWestern Winner 2012Multi Target LBP-O89
2032Sara TaketDerby 2012T&P1 SB277
2032Sara TaketDerby 2012T&P1 LBP-O274
2032Sara TaketDerby 2012Multi Target SB93
2032Sara TaketDerby 2012Multi Target LBP-O90
2032Sara TaketDerby 2012T&P2 SB547
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