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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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2900Helen HayDerby 2013T&P1 CF296
2900Helen HayDerby 2013T&P2 SB563
2900Helen HayDerby 2013T&P2 CF568
2900Helen HayDerby 2013Multi Target SB97
2900Helen HayDerby 2013Multi Target CF87
2900Helen HayDerby 20131500 SB1402
2900Helen HayNationals 2013T&P1 SB285
2900Helen HayNationals 2013T&P1 CF293
2900Helen HayNationals 2013T&P2 SB536
2900Helen HayNationals 2013T&P2 CF562
2900Helen HayNationals 2013Multi Target SB93
2900Helen HayNationals 2013Multi Target CF110
2900Helen HayNationals 20131500 SB1422
2900Helen HayNationals 20131500 CF1420
2900Helen HayNationals 2013Adv Target SB256
2900Helen HayNationals 2013Adv Target CF169
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 2013T&P1 SB287
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 2013T&P1 CF292
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 2013Multi Target SB97
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 2013Multi Target CF85
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 20131500 SB1429
2900Helen HaySLG Bisley 20131500 CF1384
2900Helen HayAAW 2013T&P1 SB277
2900Helen HayAAW 2013T&P1 CF292
2900Helen HayAAW 2013T&P2 SB568
2900Helen HayAAW 2013T&P2 CF571
2900Helen HayAAW 2013Multi Target SB101
2900Helen HayAAW 2013Multi Target CF111
2900Helen HayAAW 2013Phx A SB159
2900Helen HayAAW 20131500 SB1412
2900Helen HayAAW 20131500 CF1373
2900Helen HayAAW 2013Adv Target SB266
2900Helen HaySAW 2014T&P1 SB284
2900Helen HaySAW 2014T&P1 CF296
2900Helen HaySAW 2014T&P2 SB562
2900Helen HaySAW 2014T&P2 CF581
2900Helen HaySAW 2014Multi Target SB94
2900Helen HaySAW 20141500 SB1440
2900Helen HaySAW 20141500 CF1449
2900Helen HayBasildon 2014T&P1 SB289
2900Helen HayBasildon 2014T&P1 CF297
2900Helen HayBasildon 2014T&P2 SB573
2900Helen HayBasildon 2014Multi Target SB105
2900Helen HayBasildon 2014Multi Target CF114
2900Helen HayBasildon 20141500 SB1452
2900Helen HayBasildon 20141500 CF1443
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB294
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014T&P1 CF296
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014T&P2 SB564
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014T&P2 CF586
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB107
2900Helen HayPhoenix 2014Multi Target CF103
2900Helen HayAAW 2012T&P1 SB280
2900Helen HayAAW 2012T&P2 SB547
2900Helen HayAAW 20121500 SB1293
2900Helen HaySAW 2013T&P1 SB284
2900Helen HaySAW 2013Multi Target SB105
2900Helen HaySAW 2013T&P2 SB559
2900Helen HaySAW 20131500 SB1314
2900Helen HayATSC 2013T&P1 SB280
2900Helen HayATSC 2013Multi Target SB99
2900Helen HayATSC 20131500 SB1437
2900Helen HayBasildon 2013T&P1 SB284
2900Helen HayBasildon 2013T&P1 CF273
2900Helen HayBasildon 2013Multi Target SB100
2900Helen HayBasildon 2013Multi Target CF88
2900Helen HayBasildon 20131500 SB1401
2900Helen HayBasildon 2013T&P2 SB551
2900Helen HayWestern Winner 2013T&P1 SB288
2901Fraser HayAAW 2012T&P1 SB281
2901Fraser HayAAW 2012T&P2 SB566
2901Fraser HayAAW 20121500 SB1430
2901Fraser HaySAW 2013T&P1 SB286
2901Fraser HaySAW 2013Multi Target SB100
2901Fraser HaySAW 2013T&P2 SB565
2901Fraser HaySAW 2013Multi Target CF112
2901Fraser HaySAW 20131500 SB1449
2901Fraser HayATSC 2013T&P1 SB293
2901Fraser HayATSC 2013Multi Target SB106
2901Fraser HayATSC 20131500 SB1451
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013T&P1 SB293
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013T&P1 CF278
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013T&P2 CF541
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013Multi Target SB105
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013Multi Target CF109
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20131500 SB1444
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2013T&P2 SB574
2901Fraser HayWestern Winner 2013T&P1 SB294
2901Fraser HayNationals 2016T&P1 SB295
2901Fraser HayNationals 2016T&P1 CF298
2901Fraser HayNationals 2016T&P1 LBR-O266
2901Fraser HayNationals 2016Multi Target SB108
2901Fraser HayNationals 2016Multi Target CF113
2901Fraser HayNationals 20161500 SB1466
2901Fraser HayNationals 20161500 CF1486
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016T&P1 SB296
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016T&P1 CF299
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016T&P1 LBR-O262
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016Multi Target SB113
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016Multi Target CF108
2901Fraser HayAAW 20161500 SB1484
2901Fraser HayAAW 20161500 CF1483
2901Fraser HayAAW 2016T&P1 CF-C286
2901Fraser HayAAW 20161020 SB1017
2901Fraser HayAAW 20161020 CF1008
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20141020 SB1002
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open201525m Precision SB271
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015T&P1 SB294
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015T&P1 CF298
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015T&P1 LBR-I200
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015T&P2 SB586
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015T&P2 CF590
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015Multi Target SB110
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015Multi Target CF115
2901Fraser HayAAW 2015Multi Target LBR-I79
2901Fraser HayAAW 20151500 SB1479
2901Fraser HayAAW 20151500 CF1483
2901Fraser HayAAW 20151020 SB1015
2901Fraser HayAAW 20151020 CF1013
2901Fraser HayNationals 201225m Precision SB249
2901Fraser HayNationals 201250m Precision SB273
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2014America Match SB282
2901Fraser HayNationals 2017T&P1 SB299
2901Fraser HayNationals 2017T&P1 CF296
2901Fraser HayNationals 2017Multi Target SB115
2901Fraser HayNationals 2017Multi Target CF109
2901Fraser HayNationals 20171500 SB1479
2901Fraser HayNationals 20171500 CF1476
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015T&P1 SB294
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015T&P1 CF299
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015T&P2 SB572
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015T&P2 CF594
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015Multi Target SB91
2901Fraser HayDerby 2015Multi Target CF117
2901Fraser HayDerby 20151500 SB1476
2901Fraser HayDerby 20151500 CF1467
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open2015T&P1 SB299
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF299
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open2015T&P1 LBR-O271
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open2015Multi Target SB112
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open20151500 SB1462
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open20151500 CF1480
2901Fraser HayWelsh Open2015Multi Target CF113
2901Fraser HayNationals 2015T&P1 SB292
2901Fraser HayNationals 2015T&P1 CF298
2901Fraser HayNationals 2015Multi Target SB114
2901Fraser HayNationals 2015Multi Target CF113
2901Fraser HayNationals 20151500 SB1467
2901Fraser HayNationals 20151500 CF1410
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2016T&P1 SB298
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2016T&P1 CF298
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2016T&P1 LBR-O258
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2016Multi Target SB116
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2016Multi Target CF116
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20161500 SB1464
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20161500 CF1474
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB293
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF298
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF-C281
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P1 LBR-O248
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P2 SB588
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016T&P2 CF590
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB107
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF117
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20161500 SB1435
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20161500 CF1470
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20161020 SB991
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20161020 CF999
2901Fraser HaySAW201525m Precision SB268
2901Fraser HaySAW 2017T&P1 SB283
2901Fraser HaySAW 2017T&P1 CF300
2901Fraser HaySAW 2017Multi Target SB102
2901Fraser HaySAW 2017Multi Target CF117
2901Fraser HaySAW 20171500 SB1469
2901Fraser HaySAW 20171500 CF1445
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2017T&P1 SB297
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2017T&P1 CF300
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2017Multi Target SB114
2901Fraser HayBasildon 2017Multi Target CF116
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20171500 SB1443
2901Fraser HayBasildon 20171500 CF1476
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2017T&P1 SB293
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2017T&P1 CF297
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2017Multi Target SB109
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2017Multi Target CF114
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20171500 SB1399
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20171500 CF1460
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20171020 SB1016
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20171020 CF1007
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20141500 SB1469
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 20141500 CF1486
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB284
2901Fraser HayPhoenix 2014Adv Target CF174
2901Fraser HayDerby 2014T&P1 SB297
2901Fraser HayDerby 2014T&P1 CF299
2901Fraser HayDerby 2014Multi Target SB103
2901Fraser HayDerby 2014Multi Target CF114
2901Fraser HayNationals 2014T&P1 SB296
2901Fraser HayNationals 2014T&P1 CF295
2901Fraser HayNationals 2014Multi Target SB107
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