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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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3308Phil WoodNationals 20161500 SB1446
3308Phil WoodNationals 20161500 CF1480
3308Phil WoodAAW 2016T&P1 SB298
3308Phil WoodAAW 2016T&P1 CF300
3308Phil WoodAAW 2016Multi Target SB113
3308Phil WoodAAW 2016Multi Target CF116
3308Phil WoodAAW 20161500 SB1478
3308Phil WoodAAW 20161500 CF1494
3308Phil WoodAAW 2016Adv Target SB266
3308Phil WoodAAW 20161020 SB1013
3308Phil WoodAAW 20161020 CF1008
3308Phil WoodAAW 20151500 SB1456
3308Phil WoodAAW 20151500 CF1458
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 SB300
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF300
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB112
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target CF119
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 20161500 SB1477
3308Phil WoodMattersey-Ten 20161500 CF1446
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB293
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF298
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 20161500 SB1066
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 20161500 CF1448
3308Phil WoodAAW 2015Adv Target CF172
3308Phil WoodAAW 2015Adv Target SB249
3308Phil WoodSAW 2016T&P1 CF299
3308Phil WoodSAW 2016T&P2 CF583
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015T&P1 CF294
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015T&P2 SB574
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015T&P2 CF535
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015Multi Target SB108
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015Multi Target CF107
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015Adv Target SB263
3308Phil WoodNationals 2015Adv Target CF146
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016T&P2 SB532
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016T&P2 CF587
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB88
3308Phil WoodPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF115
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016T&P1 SB295
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016T&P1 CF297
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016T&P2 SB548
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016T&P2 CF584
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016Multi Target SB111
3308Phil WoodDerby 2016Multi Target CF116
3308Phil WoodDerby 20161500 SB1451
3308Phil WoodDerby 20161500 CF1448
3308Phil WoodSAW 2016Multi Target CF117
3308Phil WoodSAW 20161500 SB1449
3308Phil WoodATSC 2016T&P1 SB293
3308Phil WoodATSC 2016T&P1 CF299
3308Phil WoodATSC 2016Multi Target SB103
3308Phil WoodATSC 2016Multi Target CF112
3308Phil WoodATSC 20161500 SB1425
3308Phil WoodATSC 20161500 CF1466
3309Andrew Wootton-JonesMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 SB250
3310Morgan BarrottMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 SB282
3310Morgan BarrottMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target SB82
3310Morgan BarrottMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF263
3310Morgan BarrottMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB91
3311Ian ScottMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 SB280
3311Ian ScottMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target SB79
3311Ian ScottWelsh Open 2016T&P1 SB260
3311Ian ScottWelsh Open 2016Multi Target SB85
3311Ian ScottWelsh Open 201625m Precision SB205
3311Ian ScottWelsh Open 201650m Precision SB232
3312Adam StanleyWestern Winner 2015T&P1 SB217
3312Adam StanleyWestern Winner 2015Multi Target SB71
3314Stephen SchógglPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF112
3314Stephen SchógglCLSTSA Burnley 2016Multi Target SB110
3314Stephen SchógglCLSTSA Burnley 2016T&P1 SB300
3316George LindePhoenix 201525m Precision SB252
3316George LindePhoenix 201550m Precision SB271
3317Jan TaljaartPhoenix 201525m Precision SB286
3317Jan TaljaartPhoenix 201550m Precision SB286
3318Johan BrinkPhoenix 201525m Precision SB253
3318Johan BrinkPhoenix 201550m Precision SB272
3319Stephan van WykPhoenix 201525m Precision SB263
3319Stephan van WykPhoenix 201550m Precision SB279
3323Tareg CredPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB283
3324Paul LyuPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB290
3325William SargentPhoenix 201550m Precision SB258
3325William SargentPhoenix 201550m Precision CF-C200
3325William SargentPhoenix 2015America Match CF-C237
3327Poxon DavidPhoenix 201525m Precision SB259
3327Poxon DavidPhoenix 201525m Precision CF270
3327Poxon DavidPhoenix 201550m Precision SB268
3330Fiona DoveWapinschaw 2016T&P1 SB233
3330Fiona DoveWapinschaw 2016Multi Target SB75
3330Fiona DoveWapinschaw 2015T&P1 SB276
3330Fiona DoveWapinschaw 2015Multi Target SB76
3333Brian WhitelawWapinschaw 2015T&P1 SB248
3337Ian ShawDerby 2016T&P1 SB293
3337Ian ShawDerby 2016Multi Target SB106
3337Ian ShawDerby 20161500 SB1361
3337Ian ShawMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 SB293
3337Ian ShawMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB99
3337Ian ShawMattersey-Ten 20161500 SB1408
3337Ian ShawMattersey Bianchi 2015T&P1 SB291
3337Ian ShawMattersey Bianchi 2015Multi Target SB95
3337Ian ShawPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB105
3337Ian ShawMattersey Bianchi 2015Bianchi SB1457
3337Ian ShawDerby 2015T&P1 SB289
3337Ian ShawDerby 2015T&P2 SB544
3337Ian ShawDerby 2015Multi Target SB98
3337Ian ShawDerby 20151500 SB1380
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2015T&P1 SB268
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2015T&P1 CF281
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2016T&P1 SB255
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2016T&P1 CF285
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2016Multi Target SB86
3338Tim TuckwellDerby 2016Multi Target CF92
3339Lee ClemmitDerby 2015T&P1 SB285
3340Mark MalchrekDerby 2015T&P1 SB277
3341David BoltonDerby 2015T&P1 CF282
3341David BoltonDerby 2016T&P1 SB288
3341David BoltonDerby 2016T&P1 CF288
3341David BoltonDerby 2016T&P1 LBP-O287
3341David BoltonDerby 2016Multi Target SB104
3341David BoltonDerby 2016Multi Target CF103
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2016T&P1 SB229
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2016Multi Target SB64
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2015T&P1 SB263
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2015T&P1 CF-C232
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2015T&P2 SB523
3342Katie PeppittDerby 2015Multi Target SB72
3344Susan ReesWelsh Open201525m Precision LBP242
3345Alexander ReesWelsh Open201525m Precision CF255
3347John HaynesAAW 20151500 SB1262
3347John HaynesAAW 20151020 SB954
3347John HaynesAAW 2015Adv Target SB204
3347John HaynesNationals 2015Multi Target SB51
3347John HaynesNationals 20151020 SB916
3347John HaynesNationals 2015Adv Target SB133
3347John HaynesNationals 201525m Precision SB210
3347John HaynesNationals 2015T&P1 SB265
3348Sean Van Der PostScottish Pistol 1500 20151500 SB1298
3348Sean Van Der PostWelsh Open201525m Precision LBR259
3348Sean Van Der PostScottish Pistol 1500 20161500 SB1192
3348Sean Van Der PostScottish Pistol 1500 20161500 CF1409
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 2016T&P1 LBP-O284
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 2016T&P1 LBR-O283
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 2016Multi Target LBP-O91
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 2016Multi Target LBR-O56
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open201525m Precision LBP257
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 201625m Precision LBP252
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open 201625m Precision LBR266
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open2015T&P1 LBP-O274
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open2015T&P1 LBR-O275
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open2015Multi Target LBP-O94
3349Nigel CraddockWelsh Open2015Multi Target LBR-O54
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF299
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open201525m Precision CF285
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF-C296
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF-C104
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF-C296
3350Miro MarkvartWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF-C104
3350Miro MarkvartPhoenix 2016T&P2 CF-C494
3350Miro MarkvartPhoenix 2016Phx A CF-C172
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 2016T&P1 SB285
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 2016T&P1 CF291
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 2016Multi Target SB83
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 2016Multi Target CF110
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open201525m Precision CF282
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 201625m Precision SB210
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 201625m Precision CF286
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open 201650m Precision CF248
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open2015T&P1 SB279
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF293
3351Des GibsonWelsh Open2015Multi Target CF111
3352Tona HalesWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF289
3352Tona HalesWelsh Open2015Multi Target CF89
3352Tona HalesWelsh Open201525m Precision CF261
3353Tom DaviesWelsh Open2015T&P1 SB286
3353Tom DaviesWelsh Open2015T&P1 CF300
3353Tom DaviesWelsh Open2015Multi Target SB106
3353Tom DaviesWelsh Open2015Multi Target CF106
3354Graeme SimsScottish Pistol 1500 20151500 SB1355
3354Graeme SimsScottish Pistol 1500 20151500 CF1449
3355Mark SavoryNationals 2015T&P1 SB276
3355Mark SavoryPhoenix 2016T&P2 CF565
3355Mark SavoryPhoenix 2016Multi Target SB95
3355Mark SavoryPhoenix 2016Multi Target CF107
3355Mark SavoryNationals 2015T&P2 SB546
3355Mark SavoryNationals 2015Multi Target SB105
3355Mark SavoryNationals 2015Multi Target CF94
3355Mark SavoryNationals 2015Adv Target SB246
3355Mark SavoryMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 SB280
3355Mark SavoryMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF296
3355Mark SavoryMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB97
3355Mark SavoryMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target CF94
3355Mark SavoryMattersey-Ten 20161500 SB1281
3355Mark SavoryPhoenix 2016T&P1 SB285
3355Mark SavoryPhoenix 2016T&P1 CF276
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016T&P1 SB286
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016T&P1 CF299
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016T&P2 SB530
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016T&P2 CF579
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016Multi Target SB103
3355Mark SavoryDerby 2016Multi Target CF93
3355Mark SavoryDerby 20161500 SB1426
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