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There are accurate per-meeting scores data in an appropriate format going back to the beginning of 2007.

Scores  for the following events are available:

T&P1 | T&P2 | Multi Target | Phoenix A | 1500 | Bianchi | Advancing Target | 1020 | 25m & 50m Precision | America Match

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3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2015Multi Target LBP-O105
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2015Multi Target LBR-O100
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20151500 SB1377
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20151500 CF1446
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20151500 LBR-O1177
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2013T&P1 CF257
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2013T&P2 SB553
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2013T&P2 SB454
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2013Multi Target SB94
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20131500 LBR-O1150
3015Guy StevensDerby 2013T&P1 CF295
3015Guy StevensDerby 2013T&P2 SB559
3015Guy StevensDerby 2013Multi Target LBP-O92
3015Guy StevensDerby 20131500 SB1389
3015Guy StevensDerby 20131500 CF-C1199
3015Guy StevensDerby 20131500 LBP-O1237
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161500 CF1474
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161500 CF-O1486
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161500 CF-C1452
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161500 LBP-O1445
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161020 CF-01016
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161020 CF-C1003
3015Guy StevensSAW 20161020 LBP1000
3015Guy StevensPhoenix 20161500 CF-O1486
3015Guy StevensPhoenix 2016Bianchi SB1703
3015Guy StevensPhoenix 2016Bianchi CF-O1823
3015Guy StevensDerby 2016T&P1 LBP-O297
3015Guy StevensDerby 2016T&P2 CF-C573
3015Guy StevensDerby 2016T&P2 LBP-O566
3015Guy StevensDerby 2016Multi Target CF-C101
3015Guy StevensDerby 2016Multi Target LBP-O111
3015Guy StevensDerby 20161500 SB1409
3015Guy StevensDerby 20161500 CF1465
3015Guy StevensDerby 20161500 CF-C1430
3015Guy StevensMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 LBP-O285
3015Guy StevensMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target LBP-O112
3015Guy StevensMattersey-Ten 20161500 CF1492
3015Guy StevensMattersey-Ten 20161500 CF-C1446
3015Guy StevensAAW 20161020 CF-01020
3015Guy StevensAAW 20161020 CF-C1004
3015Guy StevensAAW 20141020 LBR106
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 201325m Precision CF289
3015Guy StevensDerby 20161500 LBP-O1421
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 201425m Precision CF281
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 201450m Precision CF246
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open201525m Precision CF283
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open201525m Precision LBP261
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014T&P1 CF298
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014T&P1 LBP-O283
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014Multi Target LBR-O94
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014Multi Target LBP-O108
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014T&P1 LBR-O281
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014T&P1 LBP-O290
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014T&P2 CF-C558
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 2014T&P2 CF-O560
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20141500 LBP-O1371
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20141500 CF-C1384
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20141500 CF-O1385
3015Guy StevensWestern Winner 20141500 SB1437
3015Guy StevensSAW 2014T&P2 CF-O585
3015Guy StevensSAW 20141500 CF-O1454
3015Guy StevensSAW 20141500 LBP-O1423
3015Guy StevensSAW 20141500 LBR-O963
3015Guy StevensSAW 2014Bianchi SB1781
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014T&P1 LBR-O287
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014T&P2 CF-C559
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014Multi Target LBP-O101
3015Guy StevensDerby 2014Multi Target LBR-O92
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 2014Multi Target LBP-O110
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 2014Multi Target LBR-O85
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 20141500 SB1462
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 20141500 CF1463
3015Guy StevensMattersey Bianchi 2013Multi Target CF-C106
3015Guy StevensMattersey Bianchi 2013Bianchi SB1560
3015Guy StevensAAW 2013T&P2 CF-C555
3015Guy StevensAAW 20131500 CF-C1359
3015Guy StevensAAW 20131500 LBP-O1317
3015Guy StevensAAW 2013Bianchi SB1552
3015Guy StevensAAW 2013Adv Target LBP-O161
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 2013T&P1 LBP-O265
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 2013Multi Target LBP-O106
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 20131500 SB1454
3015Guy StevensWelsh Open 20131500 CF1293
3015Guy StevensDerby 2017T&P1 LBP-O295
3015Guy StevensDerby 2017Multi Target LBP-O107
3015Guy StevensDerby 20171500 LBP-O1441
3015Guy StevensDerby 2017T&P2 CF-O588
3015Guy StevensDerby 20171500 CF-O1486
3015Guy StevensDerby 20171500 CF-C1436
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2015T&P1 SB277
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2015T&P2 SB483
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2015Multi Target SB86
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2013T&P1 SB269
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2013T&P2 SB502
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2013Multi Target SB87
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 20131500 SB1175
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2014Multi Target SB67
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2014T&P1 SB266
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2014T&P2 SB430
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 20141500 SB955
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2017T&P1 SB270
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 2017Multi Target SB85
3016Dave HolmesWestern Winner 20171500 SB1257
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2015T&P1 CF289
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2015T&P2 CF581
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2015Multi Target CF114
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 20151500 CF1477
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2017T&P1 CF299
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2017Multi Target CF112
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2014Multi Target CF113
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2014T&P1 CF297
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 20141500 CF1447
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2016Multi Target CF116
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2016Phx A CF185
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2016T&P1 CF298
3017Duncan MosleyWCSA Open 2016T&P2 CF576
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2013Multi Target CF114
3017Duncan MosleyWestern Winner 2013T&P1 CF299
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2013T&P1 SB237
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2013Multi Target SB92
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2015T&P1 SB280
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2015Multi Target SB88
3018Tom MosleyWCSA Open 2016T&P1 SB287
3018Tom MosleyWCSA Open 2016T&P2 SB530
3018Tom MosleyWCSA Open 2016Multi Target SB95
3018Tom MosleyWCSA Open 2016Phx A SB166
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2014Multi Target SB84
3018Tom MosleyWestern Winner 2014T&P1 SB265
3019John DownWestern Winner 2017T&P1 CF291
3019John DownWestern Winner 2017Multi Target CF89
3019John DownWestern Winner 20171020 CF776
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 2017T&P1 CF289
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 2017Multi Target CF87
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 20171020 CF792
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 2013T&P2 SB512
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 2013Multi Target SB100
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 20131500 SB1358
3020Bob ParkerWestern Winner 2013T&P1 SB284
3021Frank ConnellyWestern Winner 2013T&P1 CF297
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2013Multi Target CF104
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2013Phx A CF155
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2013Adv Target CF165
3021Frank ConnellyWestern Winner 2013T&P2 CF542
3021Frank ConnellyWestern Winner 2013Multi Target CF114
3021Frank ConnellyWestern Winner 20131500 CF1262
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2014Bianchi SB1668
3021Frank ConnellyAAW 2013T&P1 CF-0274
3021Frank ConnellyAAW 2013Multi Target CF-O90
3021Frank ConnellyAAW 2013Adv Target CF-O157
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2014T&P2 CF557
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF169
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF297
3021Frank ConnellyPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF113
3029Mick VannMattersey Ten 2013T&P1 CF289
3029Mick VannMattersey Ten 2013Multi Target CF95
3029Mick VannMattersey Ten 20131500 SB1343
3030Roy ElliottMattersey Ten 2013T&P1 SB148
3030Roy ElliottMattersey Ten 2013Multi Target SB31
3030Roy ElliottMattersey Ten 2013Multi Target CF87
3030Roy ElliottMattersey Bianchi 2013Bianchi SB1323
3031David GwalterMattersey Bianchi 2013T&P1 SB296
3031David GwalterMattersey Bianchi 2013Multi Target SB103
3031David GwalterMattersey Bianchi 2013Bianchi SB1777
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2014T&P1 SB299
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2014Multi Target SB111
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20141500 SB1454
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2014T&P1 SB296
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2014Multi Target SB94
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2014Adv Target SB234
3031David GwalterDerby 2014T&P1 SB268
3031David GwalterDerby 2014Multi Target SB105
3031David GwalterDerby 20141500 SB1450
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015T&P1 CF289
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015Multi Target SB83
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015Multi Target CF110
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 SB297
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 CF300
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015T&P1 LBP-O291
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target SB109
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target CF118
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2015Multi Target LBP-O108
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20151500 SB1361
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20151500 CF1466
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015T&P1 SB298
3031David GwalterPhoenix 20151500 SB1450
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015Adv Target SB288
3031David GwalterPhoenix 2015Adv Target CF158
3031David GwalterDerby 2015T&P1 CF300
3031David GwalterDerby 2015T&P1 LBP-O297
3031David GwalterDerby 2015Multi Target LBP-O110
3031David GwalterDerby 20151500 CF1466
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 SB293
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 CF290
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016T&P1 LBP-O294
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target SB104
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target CF118
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 2016Multi Target LBP-O105
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20161500 SB1419
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20161500 CF1376
3031David GwalterMattersey-Ten 20161500 LBP-O1356
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