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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
1078Brian Bostwick2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone23.00
1986Dennis Barnfield2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone17.01
2459Michael Heyes2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone34.00
170David Craven2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone31.00
607Tim Read2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone18.00
1974Chris J Webber2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone38.01
2758David Balch2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone36.02
2910Günther Ketterl2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone30.00
2501Detlef Gruner2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone41.01
1435Frank Heymel2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone45.02
1526Rob Askew2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone33.00
2503Joel Meyers2012450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone45.04
1853Daryl Miller2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone38.02
2349Carl Thorne2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone22.00
2760Michael Zimmer2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone27.02
1649Steven Voak2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone44.04
2503Joel Meyers2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone37.01
2501Detlef Gruner2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone38.00
936David Hinchliff2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone39.01
1986Dennis Barnfield2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone29.01
1078Brian Bostwick2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone35.01
1435Frank Heymel2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone45.03
1974Chris J Webber2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone46.03
2489Brian Williams2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone5.00
2461James de Courcy Scott2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone31.00
1205Stephen East2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone41.00
1915Bruce Ellis2011450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone28.00
1649Steven Voak2010450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone35.00
2501Detlef Gruner2010450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone32.00
1435Frank Heymel2010450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone36.02
718William T B Syers2010450Classic Service Rifle; 600y; Prone27.00
2446Nick Doe2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing24.00
2552Martin Taylor2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing14.00
2528Simon Rowe2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing7.00
2781Douglas Willey2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing22.00
607Tim Read2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing23.00
2479Nigel Greenaway2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing30.00
2474Philip Robinson2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing32.00
106John Burnhill2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing35.00
310Alan Hargrave2012420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing6.00
2777Nigel Atterbury2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing12.00
607Tim Read2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing14.00
310Alan Hargrave2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing15.00
1090Christopher Gray2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing20.00
2781Douglas Willey2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing29.00
2528Simon Rowe2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing2.00
1649Steven Voak2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing36.00
2446Nick Doe2011420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing18.00
2449Michael Scovell2015420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing22.00
310Alan Hargrave2015420Classic Running Deer; 50m; Standing22.00
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