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cb-traf-at-2013Since we moved to using unique Gallery Rifle IDs for the Trafalgar scores databases at the  2010 meeting its now possible to archive and keep all competitor scores in a consistent format.

Scores records for the Trafalgar meetings from 2010 onwards are kept here.

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GRID sort downsort upName sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort up sort downsort upScore sort downsort up
358William Horne2015896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing101.13
358William Horne2015860Bobber Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing161.10
358William Horne2015881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing57.10
358William Horne2015882Advancing - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing60.30
358William Horne2013883Advancing - DA Revolver; 25m; Standing49.00
358William Horne2010884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing74.08
358William Horne2012251American - Offhand Match; 200y; Standing44.01
358William Horne2013663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing29.00
358William Horne2010881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing57.01
358William Horne2014663Open Pre 1946 Lever CF Repeater; 200y; Standing23.01
358William Horne2015884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing148.20
358William Horne2014814Shoulder Stocked Pistol - Precision; 50m; Standing38.02
358William Horne2012884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing146.18
358William Horne2014251American - Offhand Match; 200y; Standing35.00
358William Horne2010884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing74.08
358William Horne2013253American - Buffalo Match; 600y; Prone8.00
358William Horne2015897Thumbcocked Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing91.80
358William Horne2011843Any L/Action Repeating Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing116.08
358William Horne2013860Bobber Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing33.00
358William Horne2012897Thumbcocked Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing81.03
358William Horne2012881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing62.01
358William Horne2011881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing50.00
358William Horne2013251American - Offhand Match; 200y; Standing34.00
358William Horne2012883Advancing - DA Revolver; 25m; Standing48.00
358William Horne2016897Thumbcocked Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing84.03
358William Horne2015870Surrenden Trigger Cocked Revolver; 25m; Standing27.10
358William Horne2014883Advancing - DA Revolver; 25m; Standing60.03
358William Horne2011251American - Offhand Match; 200y; Standing43.00
358William Horne2012896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing92.08
358William Horne2015872Surrenden - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing24.30
358William Horne2014893ARA - D/A Revolver; 25m; Standing45.02
358William Horne2015883Advancing - DA Revolver; 25m; Standing45.00
358William Horne2010843Any L/Action Repeating Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing101.00
358William Horne2012253American - Buffalo Match; 600y; Prone9.00
358William Horne2015848Open Frame Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing51.10
358William Horne2011897Thumbcocked Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing66.02
358William Horne2016884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing125.15
358William Horne2012862Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing80.00
358William Horne2016896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing92.07
358William Horne2013882Advancing - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing58.03
358William Horne2010884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing72.06
358William Horne2016882Advancing - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing56.01
358William Horne2013881Advancing - Any Revolver; 25m; Standing56.01
358William Horne2010897Thumbcocked Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing77.00
358William Horne2014896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing99.11
358William Horne2013884Advancing - CF Gallery Rifle manual; 25m; Standing147.19
358William Horne2010896Standard Pocket Revolver; 10m; Standing95.00
358William Horne2014848Open Frame Revolver - Slowfire; 25m; Standing58.04
358William Horne2014843Any L/Action Repeating Rifle - Slowfire; 25m; Standing131.14
358William Horne2015892ARA - Standard Revolver; 25m; Standing86.00
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